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Spirit dagannoth are level 83 Summoning familiars. They have an ability called Ferocious, shared with the Honey badger, that activates randomly during combat. When this ability activates, the familiar attacks twice in rapid succession.

Spirit dagannoth pouchEdit


Spirit dagannoth pouch is made by using a Summoning pouch on a Summoning obelisk with 1 spirit shard, a Crimson charm and a dagannoth hide in the inventory. Making the pouch earns 364.8 experience points. Using the pouch to summon a spirit dagannoth gains 4.1 experience points, and costs 9 Summoning points.

Spike shot scrollEdit


Spike shot scroll enables the use of the Spike Shot special move for a spirit dagannoth. Using the pouch on a Summoning obelisk creates 10 scrolls.

Spike ShotEdit

Spike Shot is the special move for the spirit dagannoth, and is a magic attack that may inflict up to 1080 damage. It uses 6 special move points.



  • The examine message may refer to "The Thing That Should Not Be," a song by the band Metallica, which is in turn based on the H. P. Lovecraft story "The Shadow Over Innsmouth".
  • In the FunOrb game Armies of Gielinor, the dagannoth that can be summoned through a portal appears to have the spirit dagannoth units instead of a normal dagannoth.
  • This familiar resembles a bunyip more than a dagannoth.

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