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Spirit Cobra chathead
A Spirit cobra is a Summoning familiar released with introduction of the Summoning skill. It requires level 63 Summoning.

Spirit cobra pouchEdit


A Spirit cobra pouch is used in the Summoning skill to summon a Spirit cobra. It is made by using a Summoning pouch on a Summoning obelisk with 116 spirit shards, a Crimson charm and a Snake hide (or Snake hide (swamp)) in the inventory. It gives 276.8 Summoning experience when made. Spirit cobras can be used as a decent source of revenue, especially for low levelled players to which higher opportunities are not available. The Ophidian Incubation special ability of the spirit cobra can be used to transform eggs into Cockatrice eggs, which sell for a much higher price.

Ophidian incubation scrollEdit

Ophidian Incubation

The Ophidian Incubation ability of the Spirit Cobra.


The Ophidian incubation scroll enables the use of the Ophidian Incubation power for a Spirit cobra familiar. The Ophidian incubation scroll is made by using a Spirit cobra pouch on a Summoning obelisk, creating 10 scrolls.

Ophidian IncubationEdit

Ophidian Incubation is an effect generated via the Ophidian incubation scroll. In order to create this effect, a player must first have summoned a Spirit cobra.

The Ophidian Incubation effect uses up a scroll, and transforms a single egg from the player's inventory into a corresponding variety of Cockatrice egg. The following transformations take place:

Egg Egg location Produced cockatrice egg variant GE Price
Egg Chicken egg Lumbridge basement food shop (requires Recipe for Disaster) Cockatrice egg Cockatrice egg Coins 1000 1,630
Bird's egg (blue) Blue bird's egg Found in a bird's nest (obtained via Woodcutting) Saratrice egg Saratrice egg Coins 1000 1,509
Bird's egg (red) Red bird's egg Found in a bird's nest (obtained via Woodcutting) Zamatrice egg Zamatrice egg Coins 1000 2,110
Bird's egg (green) Green bird's egg Found in a bird's nest (obtained via Woodcutting) Guthatrice egg Guthatrice egg Coins 1000 1,782
Raven egg Raven egg Found in a bird's nest (obtained via Woodcutting) Coraxatrice egg Coraxatrice egg Coins 1000 3,182
Penguin egg Penguin egg Ask the penguin keeper at Ardougne zoo Pengatrice egg Pengatrice egg Coins 1000 2,487
Vulture egg Vulture egg Rare drop from a Vulture Vulatrice egg Vulatrice egg Coins 1000 17,852



  • "I am king of the world!" is a line from a 1997 film Titanic; this also is a pun on the species name: King Cobra.
  • The spirit cobra's hypnotic behaviour resembles that of Kaa, the snake from "The Jungle Book."

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