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Spider silk detail

Spider silk is obtained as a 100% drop from all Giant spiders. Two known exceptions are the level 57 Giant spiders, which do not drop anything whatsoever, and the Giant spiders in the Stronghold of Security. It is not a drop from regular level 1 Spiders. With 24 Crafting, you can make full set of spider silk robes. Crafting one piece of silk gives 12.5xp. This silk does not need tanning. This material makes the second best magic robes available to free players, after Batwing equipment.

Spider silk itemsEdit

Spider silk can be made into Spider silk robes, if the player has a needle, thread and the appropriate Crafting level. It takes 13 spider silk to create a full set of spider silk items.

Crafting-icon Item Experience Spider silk required GE price
20 Spider silk gloves Spider silk gloves 12.5 1 587 coins (update)
21 Spider silk boots Spider silk boots 12.5 1 609 coins (update)
22 Spider silk hood Spider silk hood 25 2 968 coins (update)
23 Spider silk robe bottom Spider silk robe bottom 25 2 1,303 coins (update)
24 Spider silk robe top Spider silk robe top 37.5 3 1,347 coins (update)
25 Spider orb Spider orb 25 2 1,352 coins (update)
26 Spider wand Spider wand 25 2 1,394 coins (update)

Dropping monsters Edit

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Source Combat level Quantity Rarity
Corpse Spider41Always
Giant spider2; 33; 391Always
New Varrock guard 56; 901Rare
New Varrock guard captain1041Uncommon


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