Spider Herald head
Spider court 1

The Spider Court gathered in the Courtroom on the 3rd floor of the Spider Realm.

The Spider Court is a group of the most important members of the spiders' society. They all live to serve the Spider Queen as her most honourable and trustworthy servants. They are gathered on the 3rd floor of the Spider Realm, in the Spider Courtroom. Not a lot is known about the Spider Court (except the Spider Herald), so most of the information about them is based on their examine texts. The only spider in the Spider Court players can talk to is the Spider Herald.

Members Edit

Arrangement Edit

The Spider Court is arranged as follows:

  • Spider Herald - Centre of the Courtroom
  • Grand Chamberlain of the Web - East of the Spider Herald
  • Marshal of the Teeming Horde - South-West of the Spider Herald
  • Master Web-Spinner - North-East of the Spider Herald
  • Royal Fly-Catcher - South-East of the Spider Herald
  • Keeper of the Royal Eggs - North-West of the Spider Herald
  • Knight of the Eight-Fold Seal - West of the Spider Herald
  • Spider Courtiers - Wandering around the room

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