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"Spec" redirects here. For the shield, see Spectral spirit shield.
This article is about special attacks as they are today. For the historical attacks, see Special attacks (historical).
Weapon Special attack
Special attack icon
Release date 14 July 2014 (Update)
Members? Yes
Skill Constitution
Level 10
Type Special
Adrenaline Varies%
Equipment Special attacks
Cooldown 0 seconds
Some of the most powerful weapons grant you unique special attacks.

Weapon Special attack is an ability that can only be used with certain weapons. The effect and adrenaline cost varies from weapon to weapon. To use a special attack in the EoC, you must cast the ability which can be found in your Powers interface, under the Defensive tab, under the Constitution sub-tab (special attack ability name will change depending on the weapon you use). To use a special attack in Legacy Combat mode, you must also be in Legacy Interface mode; from there, you can find the special attack bar at the bottom of the Combat Settings menu.

Special attacks have a higher accuracy than normal attacks, with a percent increase[source needed] equal to the difference between weapon level and player level. For example, a level 99 player using a tier 60 Guthix staff will receive an increase of 39%[source needed] when activating the spec.

In the Evolution of Combat system, each special attack requires a certain amount of adrenaline to use, which is also consumed on use. For example, the Korasi's sword special attack, Disrupt, may only be used at 60% adrenaline, and once it is used, 60% adrenaline is drained. There are no cooldowns on using special attacks. In the Combat Improvements Beta, using special attacks would result in reduced adrenaline gain for 1 minute.

In Legacy Combat Mode, each special attack requires a certain amount of special attack energy to use, which is also consumed on use. For example, the Korasi's sword special attack, Disrupt, requires 60% special attack energy, and once it is used, 60% energy is drained.

Ability damage in Legacy Combat ModeEdit

Because ability damage does not exist in Legacy combat, such a number is calculated and used with special attacks. This value is calculated as follows:

D = 1.2 ad \times sm


  • D is the result, worth 100% ability damage when using special attacks in Legacy
  • ad is your auto-attack damage with your main-hand or off-hand, as seen in the Loadout screen
  • sm is a multiplier that localises damage from weapons of different speeds:
s =
\frac{96}{149} \approx 0.644295 & \text{Average}\\
\frac{960}{1225} \approx 0.783673 & \text{Fast}\\
1 & \text{Fastest}\\

If dual-wielding, the results from main-hand and off-hand are added together. Hence off-hands will increase the damage of main-hand special attacks, as they do in the modern combat system.

Melee weaponsEdit

Dragon weaponsEdit

Weapon Name Adrenaline Description Animation
Dragon dagger Dragon dagger Puncture 25% Two quick slashes with increased accuracy and damage. Puncture
Dragon scimitar Dragon scimitar Sever 55% A slash with increased accuracy that, if successful, prevents the target from using protection prayers for five seconds. Sever
Dragon longsword Dragon longsword Cleave 25% A powerful attack dealing 100-250% weapon damage Cleave
Dragon mace Dragon mace Shatter 25% Deals a massive blow of 100-300% weapon damage with 25% increased accuracy. Shatter
Dragon battleaxe Dragon battleaxe Rampage 100% Do 20% more melee damage but reduce your hit chance and defence by 10% for a minute. Rampage
Dragon halberd Dragon halberd Sweep 30% Swipe all targets in front of you twice. Sweep
Dragon spear Dragon spear
Zamorakian spear Zamorakian spear
Shove 25% Push your opponent back and stun them for 3s. This attack deals no damage. Shove
Dragon 2h sword Dragon 2h sword Powerstab 60% Hit enemies surrounding you. Powerstab
Dragon claw Dragon claw & Off-hand dragon claw Off-hand dragon claw Slice & Dice 50% Unleash four brutal claw slashes upon your opponent. Slice and Dice
Dragon pickaxe Dragon pickaxe Shock 100% Powerful attack that drains your opponents Attack, Ranged and Magic by 5%. Shock (Dragon pickaxe)
Dragon hatchet Dragon hatchet Clobber 100% Attack that lowers your opponents defence and magic by 10% Clobber


Weapon Name Adrenaline Description Animation
Armadyl godsword Armadyl godsword
Lucky Armadyl godsword Lucky Armadyl godsword
Golden Armadyl godsword Golden Armadyl godsword
The Judgement 50% Unleash the power of Armadyl with up to 250% weapon damage. Judgment
Bandos godsword Bandos godsword
Lucky Bandos godsword Lucky Bandos godsword
Superior honourable kyzaj Superior honourable kyzaj
Superior bloodied kyzaj Superior bloodied kyzaj
Golden Bandos godsword Golden Bandos godsword
Warstrike 100% Deals up to 200% weapon damage and drains one of your targets combat stats by 10% of the damage dealt. Warstrike
Saradomin godsword Saradomin godsword
Lucky Saradomin godsword Lucky Saradomin godsword
Golden Saradomin godsword Golden Saradomin godsword
Healing Blade 50% Deals up to 175% weapon damage, heal 50% of your damage you deal and restores your prayer points by 2.5% of the damage you deal. Healing Blade
Zamorak godsword Zamorak godsword
Lucky Zamorak godsword Lucky Zamorak godsword
Golden Zamorak godsword Golden Zamorak godsword
Ice Cleave 60% Deals up to 175% weapon damage and freezes the target for 10 seconds. Ice Cleave


Weapon Name Adrenaline Description Animation
Abyssal whip Abyssal whip Energy Drain 50% Deals 100% weapon damage and steals all your opponent's run energy. Energy Drain
Abyssal vine whip Abyssal vine whip Vine Call 60% Summons a vine near your opponent that will hit them 10 times for 125% of your accuracy, and 1/3rd of your strength. The attacks will only hit as long as your opponent is in range. Vine call
Granite maul Granite maul Quick Smash 50% Perform an instant attack, dealing up to 150% weapon damage and ignoring any cooldowns. Quick Smash (Granite maul)
Korasi's sword Korasi's sword Disrupt 60% Perform a reliable magic attack on all enemies around you. Disrupt
Rune claw Rune claw & Off-hand rune claw Off-hand rune claw Impale 25% Impale your target for 25-135% weapon damage. Impale
Saradomin sword Saradomin sword Saradomin's Lightning 100% Call upon Saradomin's power to inflict extra magic damage upon your opponent. Saradomins Lightning
Statius's warhammer Statius's warhammer Smash 25% Deal up to 50% more damage and lower your opponents defence by 30% Smash
Vesta's longsword Vesta's longsword Feint 25% Deal 100-250% damage with a greater chance to hit. Feint
Vesta's spear Vesta's spear Spear Wall 50% Damages all targets adjacent to you and reflects 50% of any damage you receive back at attackers for 5 seconds. Spear Wall
Brackish blade Brackish blade Rum'ify 75% Doubles the chance of hitting and increases your Attack, Strength and Defence proportional to the damage dealt. 'Rum'ify
Brine sabre Brine sabre Liquefy 75% Doubles the chance of hitting and increases your Attack, Strength and Defence proportional to the damage dealt. Can only be used underwater. Liquefy
Ancient mace Ancient mace
Superior ancient mace Superior ancient mace
Favour of the War God 100% Attack ignores protection prayers and will recharge Prayer points by 10% of the weapon damage while draining your opponent's Prayer points the same amount. Favour of the War God
Keenblade Keenblade Critical Strike 75% Strike the enemy with 25% increased accuracy for 100-150% weapon damage. Critical strike
Bone dagger Bone dagger Backstab 75% Deals 50-200% weapon damage and lowers your target defence proportional to the damage dealt. Accuracy is increased by 100% when hitting unsuspecting targets. Backstab
Darklight Darklight Weaken 50% Strike your target reducing their Attack, Strength and Defence by 5%. Against demons, this is twice as effective. Weaken (Darklight)
Barrelchest anchor Barrelchest anchor Sunder 50% Swing the anchor with increased accuracy to deal 75-150% weapon damage and randomly reduce your target's Defence, Attack, Ranged or Magic level. Sunder
Lava whip Lava whip Get over Here! 75% Stuns and binds an NPC for 6 seconds. When used on a player, it will drag them to an adjacent tile near the user. This attack will work over blocked terrain (e.g a pool of water), but will not work if the user cannot see the target (e.g a wall). If a player is pulled from single way zone into a multiway zone in the wilderness then the multiway effect will be delayed by 10 seconds. Get over Here!

Ranged weaponsEdit

Weapon Name Adrenaline Description Animation
Dark bow Dark bow Descent of Darkness 65% A powerful double attack that hits for 200% weapon damage, or 300% when using dragon or dark arrows. Descent of Darkness
Seercull Seercull Soulshot 60% Lowers your target's magic level based on damage dealt. Soulshot
Magic shortbow Magic shortbow Snap-Shot 55% A quick double attack that reduces your accuracy by 30% but deals 20-200% weapon damage each shot. Snap-Shot
Magic composite bow Magic composite bow
Magic shieldbow Magic shieldbow
Powershot 35% A powerful attack with 20% increased weapon damage and accuracy. Powershot
Morrigan's javelin Morrigan's javelin Phantom strike 50% Inflicts a bleed on the opposing player that will deal 100% of the damage dealt. Against non-player opponents this will deal 20% extra damage. Phantom strike
Morrigan's throwing axe Morrigan's throwing axe Hamstring 50% Deal 20% extra damage[sic] and increase the enemies run energy drain rate for a minute. Hamstring
Zanik's crossbow Zanik's crossbow Defiance 50% An attack that deals more damage to those with an affinity to the gods. Defiance
Hand cannon Hand cannon Aimed Shot 50% Fire a shot which deals 30-200% weapon damage and has 75% greater accuracy, but takes longer to aim. There is a chance that the hand cannon will explode and be destroyed. Aimed Shot
Rune throwing axe Rune throwing axe Chain-hit 10% Throw an axe which hits its target then bounces up to 3 nearby targets for up to 100% weapon damage each. Chain Hit
Quickbow Quickbow Twin Shot 75% Fire two arrows with 25% increased accuracy for 100-150% weapon damage. Twin Shot (Quickbow)
Strykebow Strykebow Deep Burn Shield 25% 12.5% of stored damage will be released in the form of a rapid damage over time attack that will last for 4.8 seconds. Deep Burn Shield

God bowsEdit

Weapon Name Adrenaline Description Animation
Saradomin bow Saradomin bow Restorative Shot 55% Deal 100% weapon damage to your opponent and heals twice the amount of damage over time. When Saradomin arrows are equipped, a random chance of dealing 100% in water damage. Restorative Shot
Guthix bow Guthix bow Balanced Shot 55% Deals 150% weapon damage to your opponent and heals the same amount of damage you would have dealt over time. When Guthix arrows are equipped, a random chance of dealing 100% in earth damage. Balanced Shot
Zamorak bow Zamorak bow Twin Shot 55% Fire your bow, dealing 200% weapon damage against your opponent. When Zamorak arrows are equipped, a random chance of dealing 100% in fire damage. Twin Shot

Magic weaponsEdit

Weapon Name Adrenaline Description Animation
Staff of light Staff of light Power of Light 100% Reduce all melee damage by 50% for the next minute. Power of Light
Armadyl battlestaff Armadyl battlestaff Tempest of Armadyl 50% Perform a barrage of magical attacks at your opponent. Tempest of Armadyl
Zuriel's staff Zuriel's staff Miasmic Barrage 100% Deal up to 200% weapon damage and slow your opponents attack speed down. Miasmic Barrage
Penance trident Penance trident
Penance master trident Penance master trident
Reap 50% Strike your target for 25-200% active spell damage with a 5% increase in your critical chance rate. Reap
Saradomin staff Saradomin staff Saradomin strike 25% Call upon the power of Saradomin to perform a powerful magical attack that lowers your opponents prayer points. Saradomin strike
Guthix staff Guthix staff Claws of Guthix 25% Call upon the divine energy of Guthix to perform a powerful magical attack that lowers your opponents defence by 5%. Claws of guthix
Zamorak staff Zamorak staff Flames of Zamorak 25% Call upon the power of Zamorak to perform a powerful magical attack that lowers your opponents magic by 5%. Flames of Zamorak
Iban's staff Iban's staff Iban Blast 25% A powerful attack dealing 100-250% spell damage. Iban Blast
Mindspike (air) Mindspike Rune Flame 75% Blast your target with 25% increased accuracy for 100-150% weapon damage. Rune Flame (Fire)
Staff of darkness Staff of darkness Power of Darkness 100% Absorbs and reflects 25% of all incoming damage for the next 20 seconds. Power of Darkness

Noxious weaponryEdit

Weapon Name Adrenaline Description Animation
Noxious scythe Noxious scythe
Noxious longbow Noxious longbow
Noxious staff Noxious staff
Mirrorback 100% Summon a mirrorback spider to lower and reflect damage for 10 seconds. Mirrorback

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