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For the variant encountered in Daemonheim, see Sparkling energy (Dungeoneering).
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Sparkling energy detail

Sparkling energy is a type of energy associated with the Divination skill. It can be collected from Sparkling wisps, located south of the Golden Apple Tree, at level 40 of Divination. Each normal harvest gives 5 Divination experience, while the enriched version gives 10. Sparkling memories can be converted to Sparkling energy for 1 experience, with the exact amount of energy per memory depending on your Divination level. Players who have started A Fairy Tale Part II can quickly access this location by entering the code A•J•R. A Slayer Ring teleports to the same location as well, by choosing the Rellekka Slayer Caves option. It can also be reached by going to the Fremennik Province lodestone and running southeast for about 15 seconds. 

Level Conversion rate

One sparkling memory and 5 sparkling energy can be converted for 15 experience, while one enriched sparkling memory and 10 energy can be converted for 30 experience.

Boon? GE Price Normal XP Enhanced XP Additional XP GP/XP
No 97 12 15 3 161.67
Yes 97 13.2 17.5 4.3 112.79


Image Product Requirement Energy Secondary Experience
Boon of sparkling energy Boon of sparkling energy Divination-icon40 Glowing energy 1600 or Sparkling energy 1600 None 9
Divine lobster bubble 41 70 20 Raw lobster 10
Divine maple tree Divine maple tree Divination-icon44 Sparkling energy 125 20 Maple logs 9.3
Portent of restoration V Portent of restoration V Divination-icon45 Sparkling energy 135 1 Lobster 9.4
Attuned portent of restoration V Attuned portent of restoration V Divination-icon47 and Constitution-icon40 Sparkling energy 135 1 Lobster 9.7
Sign of the porter III Sign of the porter III Divination-icon48 Sparkling energy 140 1 Emerald necklace 9.9
Boon of gleaming energy Boon of gleaming energy Divination-icon50 Sparkling energy 1800 or Gleaming energy 1800 None 11
Divine charge Divine charge Crafting-icon80, Divination-icon80, Smithing-icon80 Sparkling energy 1800 20 Simple parts 80 (and 220 Invention-icon)


LevelInitial resourceEnergyResultExp.Profit/loss
423 Uncut ruby uncut ruby2 Sparkling energy 1Uncut diamond Uncut diamond9.1-4,450
463 Raw tuna raw tuna2 Sparkling energy 1Raw bass Raw bass9.6-96
493 Willow logs willow logs2 Sparkling energy 1Maple logs Maple logs10-254

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