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South Falador Teleport
South Falador Teleport icon
Members? Yes
Level 72
Spellbook Lunar
Type Teleport
Experience 70
Runes 1Law rune2Astral rune2Air rune
Quest Lunar Diplomacy
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South Falador Teleport

The spell teleports players to near Falador's southern gate.

South Falador Teleport is a Lunar magic spell released with Livid Farms on 4 April 2011, and will teleport the caster to the southern gate of Falador. It can be unlocked at the Livid Farm upon reaching 35,000 produce points. As with all Lunar spells, the quest Lunar Diplomacy must be completed to cast this spell.

This spell is often not used due to the captain's log, Explorer's ring 3, and Falador lodestone offering unlimited free teleportation to the nearby area.

Upon unlocking this spell you complete the Hard Fremennik task "Totally Livid"

Remember, you cannot use Ancient Magicks or Standard spells if you are using Lunar Spells.


2Air rune1Law rune2Astral rune900
Combo runes
1Law rune2Astral rune2Dust rune2,114
1Law rune2Astral rune2Smoke rune2,464
1Law rune2Astral rune2Mist rune2,894
1Law rune2Astral runeStaff of air840
1Law rune2Astral runeAvernic wandTome of frost840

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