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South-east Varrock mining site

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South-east Varrock mining site
East Varrock Mine 1
Release date Unknown edit
Also known as Varrock south-east mine
Location Directly east of Varrock's south entrance.
Members No
Rocks 9 Copper rocks
6 Tin rocks
4 Iron rocks
Monsters None
Requirements None
Main music Unknown edit
South-east Varrock mining site

The South-east Varrock mining site is a good low to medium level mine. It is also arguably one of the closest free-to-play mines in relation to a bank (along with the Dwarven Mine), making it popular for power-miners who wish to bank the iron ore that they obtain, however, competition for iron ore here makes it hard for low levelled players to get iron ore.

The mine has no resident monsters, making it suitable for newer players, or players with a low combat level. However, there is a level 6 Giant rat slightly to the north of the mine which is aggressive to players level 12 or lower. To the south, there is a level 19 Black bear and a level 15 Unicorn, but neither of them are aggressive.

The nearest bank is the East Varrock Bank, though the West Varrock Bank and Grand Exchange are only slightly further.

Distributed throughout the mine there are:

On the key above, dark brown represents iron, light brown represents copper, and grey represents tin.

There is a nearer mine with several more higher-levelled ores at the South-west Varrock mining site.

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