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This article is about sound effects heard through actions or items. For background music, see Music.

Sound effects are the sounds heard when doing different types of actions. These actions may range from fighting an NPC, dropping an item, or gaining a level.

The volume of these sound effects may be adjusted through the Audio Settings in the Options screen.

Additionally, one can set the volume of the ambient sounds, which are the sound effects that are produced by the location or other players.

In RuneScape Classic, sound effects were only available for members and were much different than the current ones.

Some sound effects were updated on 18 October 2010. These effects replaced sounds such as woodcutting, mining, and taking damage with new sounds, which are not made from a synthesizer, like all other sounds. Now when a player takes damage which takes away health points a sound effect is played which sounds like a grunt of pain from the character.

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