For the variant encountered in Daemonheim, see Soul rune (Dungeoneering).
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Soul rune detail

The soul rune is the highest levelled rune in RuneScape. It is used for the strongest curse spells, the teleport-other spells, and the Seren spells in the Ancient Magicks book. They can be crafted at the Soul Altar in Menaphos after completing the quest 'Phite Club with a level of 90 Runecrafting, or can be bought from the Magic Guild in Yanille, Ali Morrisane in Al Kharid (via the Rogue Trader miniquest), or Baba Yaga, who lives in the walking house, on Lunar Isle. The value of 1 soul rune in Mobilising Armies is 124 Investment Credits.

Before the release of Menaphos on 5 June 2017, soul runes were the only conventional type of rune that could not be crafted using a normal Runecrafting altar. However, images for soul talismans and soul tiaras did exist, and upon gaining level 90 Runecrafting, a message used to be displayed telling the player that he/she could now craft soul runes. There is a soul rift in the Abyss and an obtain soul rune option on the wicked hood; however, they cannot be used. In addition to this, a player can use Quick Chat to say the phrase "I'm going to craft rune: soul runes".

The Ourania Rune Altar allows runecrafters to craft a random selection of runes, including the soul rune. This altar gives double experience for each rune crafted, and some simple arithmetic suggests that the normal experience for crafting each soul rune would be 11xp.

Grand Exchange rune
average price comparison
Nature rune 419
Law rune 365
Death rune 167
Blood rune 563
Soul rune 585


Regular spellbookEdit

Ancient MagicksEdit

Teleportation spellsEdit

Seren spellsEdit


Item Skill Materials
Carrallanger teleport Carrallanger teleport84 Magic
Dragon bolts (e) 5 Dragon bolts (e)68 Magic
Senntisten teleport Senntisten teleport60 Magic
Soul-in-a-box Soul-in-a-box24 Invention
Urn enhancer Urn enhancer24 Invention

Drop sourcesEdit

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Source Combat level Quantity Rarity
Ancient mage10325Uncommon
Basilisk 70; 7720Rare
Dust devil855Uncommon
Dust devil (elite)955–25Uncommon
Elite Dark Mage984Very rare
Essence implingN/A11Rare
Essence impling jarN/A11Uncommon
Ghostly warrior611–5Uncommon
Giant ant soldier701Rare
Giant wasp 70; 841–3Unknown
Gnome RestaurantN/A5–11Uncommon
Professor OnglewipN/A5–11Unknown
Skeletal Wyvern1095–14Uncommon
Spiritual mage 49; 9820Common
Steel dragon1005Uncommon
Warped terrorbird821–10Uncommon
Wyvern (elite)13316–30Uncommon
Zamorak crafter263Common

Store locationsEdit

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Seller Cost Currency Base stock Members?
Ali's Discount Wares410Coins 250Coins 100Yes
Baba Yaga's Magic Shop410Coins 250Coins 100Yes
Magic Guild Store - Runes and Staves410Coins 250Coins 100Yes


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  • Upon release of the Soul altar, soul runes were mistakenly listed as requiring 90 Invention to craft, instead of 90 Runecrafting.

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