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The Soul Altar is a Runecrafting altar that is found in the Imperial district in Menaphos. It can only be accessed upon completion of 'Phite Club. It is used to craft soul runes from pure essence at level 90 Runecrafting.

The cats Tefimhet and Ka can be found here.


As with most other Runecrafting altars, it can be accessed via the Abyss. Players can only enter its ruins by using a soul talisman. Players could also simply click on the ruins while wearing a soul tiara, omni-tiara, a wicked hood (imbued with a soul talisman), an omni-talisman staff, or a soul talisman staff, only after the Soul Altar has been unlocked.

Soul Altar location

The location of the Soul Altar.

The Soul Altar is located beneath the water fountain in the Imperial district. The water can be drained by clicking "Fill" and causing the soul talisman to drain the water, allowing access to the stairs and underground passage which lead to the altar. After this, the wicked hood and abyss can be used to access the altar.

If rank 6 reputation is gained in the Imperial district, it is more convenient to use the teleport tablet to bank at the district bank chest to save the return run.

The fairy ring code CKQ is located near the fountain entrance. So Zanaris is an alternative for banking. When used in conjunction with TokKul-Zo, banking can also take place in TzHaar City. If the player has Portable fairy rings it is recommended to use those to return to the Soul Altar from any bank for an altar-charging run. The demonic skull is not needed when charging the altar, so the Portable fairy ring can be used in the pocket slot. Activating it can be keybound and opens the fairy ring interface instantly, saving a great deal of time even compared to running to fairy rings which are close to banks such as the Fight Cave or Max Guild portal.


The mechanics of crafting soul runes vastly differ from the standard Runecrafting process. The altar must first be charged with pure essence by putting pure essence into the 'charger'. Four essences generate one charge and give 10 Runecrafting experience. This takes five seconds to create. 1.25 charges create one soul rune. This means it takes 5 essences to make one soul rune. The experience gained is 220 per charge or 275 per soul rune crafted.

The 'Charger' has a capacity of 100 essences, after which they must be converted into charges; and the altar can hold up to 100 charges, after which they must be crafted as runes.

To maximise the experience gained, the 250% bonus experience of Abyss runecrafting (thus the demonic skull too) is applicable to the runecrafting step. A maximum of 77,000 experience can be gained by binding a fully charged altar into at least 80 soul runes, if you bring Decorated runecrafting urn (r)s this amount can be brought up to around 90,000 xp.

It is recommended to charge the Soul Altar using wicked hood teleports or Fairy rings three times and then use the Abyss with Demonic Skull on the fourth run once the Altar is at full charge. This is because running to the Altar can be much faster when not using the Abyss, the max charges that the Altar can hold equates to four runs worth of essence, and the Abyss need only be used when actually crafting runes.

Charging is best performed with a preset wearing the ethereal outfit, the head of which acts as a Wicked Hood, the chest stores essence, and bonus XP will be awarded if the player owns the Master Runecrafter robes; the Wilderness sword, the set reward from Sliske's Endgame, and a Portable fairy ring if using Fairy rings to return to the Soul Altar. The inventory should contain pouches and essence. On the fourth run where runes are crafted, use the Wilderness sword to teleport to Edgeville and load a similar preset with the differences being that the demonic skull is now in the pocket slot and the inventory has some essence removed in order to accommodate urns, the urn enhancer. Optionally a melee off-hand switch can also be used, augmented with the Mobile perk to allow for the use of Surge, Barge and Bladed Dive to be used when entering the Soul Altar via the Abyss to reduce time taken.

Bonus experience is applicable on the charge converting step, but ignores the 3.5x multiplier of the Demonic Skull.


A soul tiara may be created at this altar by using a soul talisman on a normal tiara in the player's inventory. The player must use the tiara on the altar. Doing so will earn 55 Runecrafting experience.

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  • Upon release, it was mistakenly stated to require level 90 Invention in the Skill training guides to use rather than level 90 Runecrafting.
  • Previously, while charging the altar, the interface would display Cooking rather than Runecrafting. This was patched on 27 November 2017.