Players receive Zeal points based on the outcome of the game: 1 for losing, 2 for a tie, or 3 for winning. The only exception is if you join the waiting lobby (box) and the game was already half over; for example, you join the waiting lobby at 14 minutes until the next game starts (therefore, the current game will last 11 more minutes), then if you get into the game, you will get your zeal. On the other hand, if you join at 6 minutes until the next game, and get in, you will receive 0 zeal. 70 Zeal points are awarded for completion of the Grandmaster Quest Nomad's Requiem.

Players may trade these in with Nomad, or Zimberfizz after completion of Nomad's Requiem, or Zimberfizz ashes or Zanik after completion of Nomad's Elegy, for a variety of rewards such as experience, charms, and other items. Players can store a maximum of 50,000 Zeal points. This is equivalent to playing and winning over 16,665 games at 23 minutes per game cycle, which is equal to just over 266 days of continuous gameplay.


Soul wars xp rewards

The Soul Wars experience rewards interface.

Players can claim experience in combat-related skills:

XP CalculationEdit

One zeal point is worth a set amount of experience depending on the level in that skill.

  • To calculate Constitution, Attack, Strength, and Defence experience, the formula is: \left\lfloor \frac{l^2}{600} \right\rfloor \times 525 \times Z
  • To calculate Ranged and Magic experience, the formula is: \left\lfloor \frac{l^2}{600} \right\rfloor \times 480 \times Z
  • To calculate Prayer experience, the formula is: \left\lfloor \frac{l^2}{600} \right\rfloor \times 270 \times Z.
  • To calculate Slayer experience from level 1 to 30, the formula is: \left\lfloor 6.788 \times 1.1048^L \right\rfloor \times Z.
  • To calculate Slayer experience from level 30 to 99, the formula is: ( \left\lfloor \frac{L^2}{349} \right\rfloor +1) \times 45 \times Z.
  • Redeeming 100 zeal points at a time grants you 10% bonus experience.

Derivation of formulasEdit

Note: Useful XP charts are available below, and it will help to have them open when reading this section.

For these skills, one first notices that the experience gained for levels 25 and up occur only as multiples of 525. This suggests that some floor or other integer function is being multiplied by 525. The next thing one has to notice (and this is not so easy) is that the sizes of the level intervals that give the same XP per zeal is decreasing, and is decreasing just like the derivative of the square root, meaning that, to find the intervals, one can take evenly spaced points on the y-axis of the graph of x^2, then find which intervals on the x-axis produce such intervals on the y-axis (by projecting the points to the right onto the function, then down onto the x-axis), and the lengths of the intervals on the x-axis will look exactly like the intervals of levels used in zeal calculation (and will decrease just as quickly). This finding tells us that there is a floor(lvl^2) involved, and some searching proves that floor(lvl^2/600) is the correct answer: floor(35^2/600)=floor(34^2/600), floor(35^2/600)=floor(42^2/600), etc. The function then, for Constitution/Attack/Strength/Defence XP with levels over 25, is floor(lvl^2/600)*525 per zeal.

Magic/Ranged and Prayer:
A similar process applies to the Magic/Ranged and Prayer categories, the only difference being that the XP step sizes are 480 and 270, respectively, in place of 525, yielding
floor(lvl^2/600)*480 magic/ranged XP per zeal;
floor(lvl^2/600)*270 prayer XP per zeal.

The slayer formula is similar, but the level intervals that produce the same XP are different. 349 now needs to replace 600, and 45 replaces 525 (or 480 or 270) as the XP step size:
(floor(lvl^2/349)+1)*45 slayer XP per zeal.
The 1 is added because all slayer XP rewards are otherwise exactly 45 too low. The level 1-30 slayer formula, just by the looks of it, seems to be exponential. So we use an exponential interpolation as follows:
We know that at level 1, the XP per zeal is 7, and at level 30 it is 135 (keep in mind that the XP per zeal at level 30 should be the same from both the 1-30 and the 30-99 formula), and we know that the XP function is of the form
Hence we look at XP(30)/XP(1), which will eliminate A from the equation:
A*B^{30}/(A*B^{1}) = B^{29} = XP(30)/XP(1) = 135/7
Solving for B gives
B = (135/7)^{1/29}
Now, all that is necessary to solve for A is to use a known value. Let's plug in XP(1)=7:
A*((135/7)^{1/29})^{lvl} = XP(lvl)
A*((135/7)^{1/29})^{1} = 7
A = 7/(135/7)^{1/29}
But the function we then get is a little off: noticeably, the XP values are low for levels 2, 3, 4, and 5, which can be immediately tested. We therefore add a small correction, by assuming that the experience per zeal at level 1 is slightly larger (let's say 7.5), and replacing this value for all the 7's in the equation:
A = 7.5/(135/7.5)^{1/29}
B = (135/7.5)^{1/29}
XP = A*B^{lvl} = 7.5/(135/7.5)^{1/29}*((135/7.5)^{1/29})^{lvl}
And, of course, we take the floor of this function to give the integer XP values. This equation works for all XP per zeal returns in slayer for levels 1-30.
The equation itself can be simplified using decimal approximations:
XP = floor(6.788*1.1048^{lvl}).


Chart of experience per zeal point per level in any skill:

Attack / Strength / Defence / Constitution
Level 1 zeal 10 zeal 100 zeal
Level 1 zeal 10 zeal 100 zeal
Level 1 zeal 10 zeal 100 zeal
Level 1 zeal 10 zeal 100 zeal


template = Template:Soul wars attack strength defence constitution calc
form = swasdcf
result = swasdcr
param = 1|Skill's level||int|1-99
param = 2|# of Zeal||int
Attack/Strength/Defence/Constitution calculator

Calculator is loading...!

0 Experience Points
template = Template:Soul wars magic ranged calc
form = swmrf
result = swmrr
param = 1|Skill's level||int|1-99
param = 2|# of Zeal||int
Magic/Range calculator
Calculator is loading...
0 Experience Points
template = Template:Soul wars prayer calc
form = swpf
result = swpr
param = 1|Skill's level||int|1-99
param = 2|# of Zeal||int
Prayer calculator
Calculator is loading...
0 Experience Points
template = Soul wars slayer calc
form = swsf
result = swsr
param = 1|Skill's level||int|1-99
param = 2|# of Zeal||int
Slayer calculator*
Calculator is loading...
0 Experience Points

* Due to the current uncertainty, this calculator may be incorrect.


Soul wars charm rewards

The Soul Wars charm rewards

Players can choose to use their points to purchase charms. Gold, Green, Crimson, and Blue charms are available; the number of charms a player receives depends on their Combat skill levels. Charms cannot be obtained if the player has a Combat level of 30 or lower.

Charm Zeal points
Gold charm Gold Charm 4
Green charm Green Charm 5
Crimson charm Crimson Charm 12
Blue charm Blue Charm 30

A specific amount of zeal points is exchanged for a specific amount of charms. Please note that the amount of charms received at specific combat levels is currently under investigation, please see the talk page for more information or to contribute. This is the current chart based on data collected for the number of charms a player would receive when trading in zeal points for a charm reward

Combat Level Gold charmGold Charms Green charmGreen Charms Crimson charmCrimson Charms Blue charmBlue Charms
12-74 6 4 4 5
75-82 14 9 9 9
83-99 24 15 15 19
100-108 34 22 22 22
109-124 41 27 26 36
125-136 47 31 30 41
137+ 52 34 34 45


Main article: Summoning pets
Soul wars other rewards

The other rewards that can be obtained from Soul Wars

Most options here are for new Slayer pets, resurrected from remains brought along during the game. If players bring a stuffed or unstuffed trophy, Nomad will then supply the player with a pet of that type.

Image Trophy Pet Zeal points
Creeping hand pet Crawling hand Creeping hand 5
Minitrice chathead Cockatrice head Minitrice 25
Baby basilisk pet Basilisk head Baby basilisk 40
Baby kurask chathead Kurask head Baby kurask 70
Abyssal minion chathead Abyssal demon head Abyssal minion 85
TzRek-Jad chathead Fire cape TzRek Jad 100
  • The amount of points each Summoning pet costs is equal to the Slayer level required to kill the respective Slayer creature.
  • Note: If players have a mounted head in their player-owned house, they CANNOT remove the mounted head and salvage it to turn it into a pet. If they remove a mounted head, they will not receive it back in any form.
  • Players will not get back the Fire Capes they exchange for TzRek Jad.



Mod Rathe confirming on the RuneScape Forums that rares cannot be obtained from the Gamble! option.

Soul wars gamble
The Gamble! option will reward players with a random item. Below is an unconfirmed list of possible rewards from the "Gamble!" feature. The option costs two zeal points. The rewards are related to either the Prayer, Summoning and to a lesser extent Hunter, Herblore and Crafting skills. Due to the fact that the Gamble rewards were not listed in any official form at the time of release, there were widespread rumours of players receiving valuable items such as Amulets of fury, Dragon platebody, Abyssal whips, Elysian spirit shields and white partyhats, but this has been proven false.
Picture Item Number Total value
Baby dragon bones Baby dragon bones 23 16,353
Wyvern bones Wyvern bones 11-23 29,821 to 62,353
Wolf bones Wolf bones 18-39 14,238 to 30,849
Dagannoth hide Dagannoth hide 5 19,945
Big bones Big bones 60 11,580
Marigolds Marigolds 6-8 54,684 to 72,912
Larupia fur Larupia fur 4-12 48,852 to 146,556
Bones Bones 209-290 47,234 to 65,540
Dragon bones Dragon bones 11 18,128
Coins 10000 Coins 20,000 to
20,000 to 250,000
Unicorn horn Unicorn horn 22 48,378
Kyatt fur Kyatt fur 4-9 37,792 to 85,032
Vampyre dust Vampyre dust 19-28 noted 12,141 to 17,892
Evil turnip Evil turnip 7 34,958
Carved evil turnip Carved evil turnip 7 noted 44,604
Thin snail Thin snail 20 raw and noted 10,880
Proboscis 1 Proboscis 12 76,200
Desert goat horn Desert goat horn 6 noted 2,124
Dagannoth bones Dagannoth bones 3-5 noted 18,933 to 25,244
Ogre coffin key Ogre coffin key 42 noted 134,064
Red flowers Red flowers 9 noted 27,666
Green dragonhide Green dragonhide 10 noted 18,420
Potato cactus Potato cactus 18-19 noted 54,936 to 57,988
Bagged plant 3 Bagged plant 1 20 noted 23,900
Graahk fur Graahk fur 5-21 65,620 to 275,604
Snake hide Snake hide 10 noted 40,150

This is a decent way to make money from zeal, as the least valuable option (Desert goat horn) is still worth 2,124. However, it is recommended to spend the zeals on XP rewards or charms, since you can only get 9 zeals an hour if you win every single game and obtaining a high-priced reward is rare.


Zeal as a time saving or money making method

Assuming the general way of training prayer is by offering Dragon bones at a Gilded altar, the cost of prayer is 6.54 coins per exp. The zeal experience of Prayer is pegged to the zeal experience of Ranged/Magic and Constitution/Defence/Strength/Attack at 1:1.78 and 1:1.94 respectively. Hence the opportunity cost of Ranged/Magic is 3.68 coins per exp and the opportunity cost of Constitution/Defence/Strength/Attack is 3.36 coins per exp. Earning zeal to spend on experience is a waste, as there are usually much faster ways of getting experience in all of the skills which you can buy experience for. Earning Zeal to spend on the "Gamble!" option is never a good idea as there are much faster money making methods. As for slayer, you get about a quarter of prayer's exp, hence the cost is about 26 coins per exp.

As for summoning, it is not worth it as you can only gain about 20 crimson charms or 11 blue charms per hour. This only amounts to approximately 6k exp an hour. Harvesting charms can be done with easier and faster methods.

However, if you play soul wars for fun and need the charms, it's up to you to weigh the benefits of the charms versus other rewards.

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