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Solomon's General Store exterior

Solomon levitates outside his General Store.

Solomon's General Store

Inside of the store.

Solomon's General Store is a micro-transaction-based store released on 17 July 2012. The store is run by a genie known as Solomon Madini.

The store itself sells a variety of unique customisation. All transactions in the store are done with Runecoins, which can be purchased with real world money, or redeemed with Bonds. Members are given a permanent 10% discount on every item in the store.

Solomon's emporium, located south of the Grand Exchange in Varrock, is carved flamboyantly after an elephant in wood. The entrance is furnished with four mannequins, bearing two male and two female, which is used to display newly released commodities. The main hut in the centre leads to the main store itself, while the doors on the both sides lead to the Pets (yellow paw symbol) and Customisation (cyan shirt symbol) interfaces respectively.

Alternatively, the General Store itself can be accessed from the Extras tab, distinguishable by the mark of a gold pendant with a ruby embedded. The Pets and Customisation tabs may also be opened through the Hero and Gear tabs respectively, rendering the General Store functions useless.

The General Store was updated on 3 September 2013 following the merge with the Members Loyalty Programme, allowing some items from both stores to be purchased with each others' currency.


Many of the outfit and accessory overrides offered at the General Store have recolourable sections on them. The available colours for most outfits (unless stated otherwise) are:

Dim grey
Slate grey
Navy blue
Lawn green
Hot pink
Royal blue
Forest green
Ivory white
Sky blue
Saddle brown

On top of that, 4 outfits (TokHaar Brute, TokHaar Veteran, TokHaar Warlord and the Dragon Wolf outfit) out of all the available have a unique set of 16 colours. This mainly corresponds to parts of the outfit embedded with gemstone materials that are capable of being recoloured throughout the outfit. These colours consist of precious metals:

Basalt blue
Earthy red
Malachite green
Igneous blue
Lava red
Sandstone yellow
Indigo quartz
Cerulean lodestone
Burnt orange
Emerald green
Blue flame
Limestone yellow
Moss Agate

Note that the in-game colour selection for both Igneous blue and Blue flame have the exact same colour value, only differing in colours when in used on an override, with Blue flame appearing a tint lighter as seen.

The Replica Metal Plate Armour uses another separate set of 7 colours. Each corresponds to the standard metal equipment (excluding white) available in RuneScape. Replica trimmed armours are only compatible with black, mithril, adamant and rune. Likewise, bronze, iron and steel do not have a trimmed counterpart.


Shop stockEdit

Solomon's General Store is regularly updated with new stock as time passes. On selected occasions, certain stocks will be sold at a discounted price as well. The following pages contain information on the stock available in the store:


On 3 September 2013, colour changes for selected physical items were made available via Solomon's General Store under Services. Since these existed with the addition of the Members Loyalty Programme, none could not be purchased with Runecoins as they remain Loyalty point exclusive.


Main article: Auras

On 3 September 2013, auras were made available via Solomon's General Store under a tab of its own. Cosmetic auras had since moved to it's own category (Effects) and do not provide the physical aura when purchased, as they now provide an everlasting permanent override in a slot of its own when activated. Since these existed with the addition of the Members Loyalty Programme, none could not be purchased with Runecoins as they remain Loyalty point exclusive.

Current FreebiesEdit

Each month since February 2013, Solomon's General Store offers selected wares at a free price throughout the month. The free product can only be claimed by players with membership subscription (i.e. members). However, title the Thrifty can be claimed by both free players and paying players alike.

Indefinitely freeEdit

Temporarily freeEdit

Past FreebiesEdit


Month Product
August Tropical Islander Outfit and Crab Transformation [R 1]
September Squid Tentacle Cape, the Tanned title and Seaweed Hair [R 1]


Month Product
February Romeo Curtains and Jagged Topknot
March Brutal Club
April Frog Transformation
May Esquire/Ms title
June Squid Tentacle Cape and Seaweed Hair
July Parasol 2H Sword
August Kalphite Greathelm
September the Wild title
October Full Manchu and Feathered Witch
November Revolutionary Mask and Hat
December Gnome Air Teleport


Month Product
March Breakdance, Strongarm Burial and Explosive Firemaking [R 2]
April the Skilful title
May Dragged Under Teleport
June Strongarm Resting
July Fox Outfit
August Wardrobe Malfunction
September Headbutt Mining
  1. ^ a b In conjunction with the Sizzling Summer promotion
  2. ^ Compensation for omitted January and February freebies


The store itself caused a great deal of controversy at launch as the items are only obtained by using real world money. Many players voiced concerns over further microtransactions following the instalment of the Squeal of Fortune earlier in the year. Nonetheless, many others were pleased knowing that this store offered purely cosmetic merchandise, unlike the Squeal of Fortune at its time.  

As time passes with the introduction of various Solomon's Pets and Bank Boosters, some players argue that these items give an in-game advantage, and are not purely cosmetic as they provide functionalities. Other merchandise that caused controversies, thus supporting this notion over time included services like the dragon keepsake key, wicked pouch and most recently the wealth evaluator



  • After 9 October, Jagex made it so that teleportation spells will have a random animation, chosen from those a player has bought, played when he or she chooses to teleport as suggested on the RuneScape Forums. This was later changed to a cyclical system to prevent the random order being used for gambling.

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