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Solak concept art

Solak concept art

Solak preview
Solak fight preview

Solak, the Grove Guardian is a planned future boss that is aimed for release in May 2018[1], developed by Mod Ramen, it has finished being coded and it is currently in QA. It is planned to be one of the strongest bosses in-game. A team of seven players are recommended, though there will also be a duo mode,[2] which will cause different mechanics to take effect. The fight is expected to have "multiple health bars" in each phase along with sub-attacks that it will use alongside normal and special attacks. During the fight players will fight alongside Merethiel; she will play a significant role in the lore behind Solak.[3] Solak will have 8 million life points and its drops will include T92 dual-wield crossbows and Solly as a boss pet.[4]


Solak is a creature of the Anima Mundi, like Vorago and Telos, and a Guardian of Guthix[5] who defends the Lost Grove from those who want its power. He is referred by the inhabitants of the grove as a "walker".

Solak was tasked in protecting an island that is inhabited by smaller creatures of the Anima Mundi. During the Second Age, Seren sent four elite elf warriors to aid Solak in his task. However, one of these elves, Eredthor, became tempted by the power of the grove and attacked Solak in an attempt to control it. The fairy Bub thinks of the elf as pure darkness. Eredthor was defeated through the combined efforts of his three former companions and Solak, although Solak became corrupted in the process.

Sometime after that battle, he disappeared along with the other walkers, hiding the grove from the world. During his disappearance the fairies tried everything to see him return, where even humans were said to have built temples worshipping him, which led the religion to die out as he never responded.[6] The grove would not be in contact with the outside world until the fifth year of the Sixth Age. Solak is currently corrupted by a mental manifestation of the elf.


  • It was revealed at RuneFest by Mod Pi that Solak was originally called Kalos.[source needed]
  • Solak's initial concept art was changed after it drew comparisons to League of Legends champion Maokai.


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