Snowman Dance
Snowman Dance emote icon
Release date 18 December 2007 (Update)
Members No
Sound No
Enhancer No
Duration 2.8 seconds
Requirements Completion of a Christmas event
Snowman Dance

The Snowman Dance emote was released during the 2007 Christmas event. This emote was unlocked after the player had completed a snowman. The emote was also unlocked during the 2008, 2009 and 2010 Christmas Events for players who missed it the first time.

Originally, a player's wielded items in their sword and shield slots would appear whilst doing the dance. This has been fixed.

When the emote was released, there was a glitch where if you home teleported and clicked the emote, the circle would appear, but you would still dance. Jagex quickly fixed this within 24 hours.

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