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A Snelm is a "snail helm" that can be made using the Crafting skill. Use a Chisel on the shell of any snail found in Mort Myre swamp to make one. There are a variety of colours in round and pointed snelms. Snelms give considerable protection against snails wandering around in Mort Myre.


Crafting hints and tipsEdit

Although snelms give a mediocre amount of crafting experience (32.5 xp per finished snelm) and often cause more trouble than they're worth (all snelms regardless of colour often sell for 100 gp at general stores), snelms can nevertheless form an important step in low to mid-level crafting alongside with combat and possibly even cooking. Players may choose to train combat (and possibly summoning) by killing the myre and ochre snails lurking around the landing for the swamp boaty to Mort'ton, collect the carcasses (they sell for a reasonable amount on the Grand Exchange due to being required for Thorny snail pouch) and snail shells, using a chisel to produce the snelms, drop the snelms, and then repeat the process to maximise crafting experience gain and profit.

Alternatively, those seeking higher profits may wait to kill the bruise blue snails with pointed shells and keep both snail and shell, as it has been observed that both sell well (the pointed bruise blue snelm may be required for Treasure Trails, and have been observed to sell for as much as 3,000 coins in the Grand Exchange). This method seems harder, given that the bruise blue snails tend to be less common than their myre or ochre cousins.

One problem that all players will face, however, is that the area for hunting snails will be infested with Ghasts - while being lethal to lower-level players, Ghasts can be annoying as they can interrupt combat sequences - if you are attacked by one, your quarry will move away and you will have to wait for some time before being able to attack.

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