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Snape grass seed detail

A snape grass seed is a Farming seed from which snape grass can be grown at 80 Farming. It can be protected by paying a farmer 15 dwellberries. It can be pickpocketed from gnomes, elves, and dwarf traders, or gained through Herblore Habitat. 8 snape grass seeds are also a possible prize from Treasure Hunter that can be converted to 500 coins. 2 Snape grass seeds can also be acquired by killing Aquanites, dropped 2 at a time.

A player must plant 3 snape grass seeds per allotment. Snape grass can be protected by planting a White Lily Seed in the flower patch.

One can harvest up to 24 snape grass from a supercompost treated patch.

Healthy snape grass
Stage Description Image
1 Snape grass1
2 Snape grass2
3 Snape grass3
4 Snape grass4
5 Snape grass5
6 Snape grass6

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