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Snape grass detail

Snape grass is a members-only item used in the making of prayer potions and fishing potions. It can be used in a hangover cure, which is needed in the Plague City quest and the Mogres miniquest.

Three clumps spawn at the Hobgoblin Peninsula south-west of the Crafting Guild, and twenty-seven spawn around Waterbirth Island. Three of those spawns require the use of Telekinetic Grab. Chaos Druids and Waterfiends drop them, and players can also loot it from implings

Snape grass can also be collected by growing snape grass seeds in allotments at level 80 farming. Each piece harvested yields 80 experience. Snape grass can be used to make regular compost in the farming compost bins.


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Dropping monstersEdit

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Source Combat level Quantity Rarity
Aberrant spectreN/A8Common
Aquanite (elite)N/A6–8Common
Cave bugN/A1Common
Cave crawlerN/A1Rare
Cave crawlerN/A1–3Rare
Chaos druidN/A1Rare
Chaos druid warriorN/A1Uncommon
Eclectic implingN/A1Common
Fungal mageN/A4Common
Icefiend (Ghorrock)N/A20Uncommon
Lensa (Rellekka)N/A1Rare
Rock lobsterN/A1Uncommon
Salarin the TwistedN/A1Uncommon
Waterfiend (elite)N/A6Common
Young implingN/A1Uncommon


  • Due to an update on 1 February 2016, snape grass now has a higher junk chance than the original 2%.
Snape grass6

Fully grown snape grass.

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