Release date 12 April 2010 (Update)
Race Human
Members No
Quest NPC No
Location(s) Daemonheim
Sells items Yes
Gender Male
Examine Our contact on the inside.
Smuggler chathead

The Smuggler is a mysterious man that plays a key role in the Dungeoneering skill. He is responsible for guiding players into Daemonheim, and is found in the first room of every dungeon. He runs a shop that may be bought from or sold to, with his stock varied based on the complexity set. He may also provide information on that floor's boss once the boss room has been found, and guides players through the Dungeoneering tutorial.

He is also responsible for smuggling items out of Daemonheim for Marmaros to sell to players for reward tokens, giving him his name.


There is a lot of mystery behind the Smuggler's past, as a number of letters and objects in Daemonheim appear to either reference him or have unique dialogue when shown to him.

The white-bearded manEdit


Thok, the Fremennik who encountered the white-bearded man at the bottom of Daemonheim

According to a letter written by Thok Thokson, when he and Marmaros reached the bottom of Daemonheim, they encountered a "white-bearded man", who Thok described as "looking like Fremennik but smells clean", and "more powerful than Thok". The white-bearded man told Thok that he was not chosen to see what was at the bottom, and proceeded to heal Thok's leg and Marmaros's broken arms. This man then offered to guide Thok and Marmaros back to the surface, and refused to take no for an answer, eventually causing Thok to relent, knowing that the man was right.[1] Thok and Marmaros lost most of their memories of what had occurred sometime after they left Daemonheim, but whether the white-bearded man was responsible for this is unknown.[2]

The man seemingly accompanied Thok and Marmaros back to Rellekka, and Brundt - the chieftain of Rellekka - wrote a letter to the man and made him an honorary Fremennik for his bravery, although questioned how he was able to get past the protective barriers that the Fremennik seers had created. After hearing of the horrors of Daemonheim, Brundt sent word to the adventurers of Gielinor to help drive back the taint of Daemonheim, and requested that the white-bearded man accompany them into the dungeons as their guide. He then gave the man furs, a helmet and some boots, and requested that the god that has protected him to remain vigilant.[3]

Although the Smuggler clearly matches the description of this man, possessing both the white beard and the furs, helmet and boots given to him by Brundt, he denies that the letter belongs to him, although the player does not believe him.[4] When Marmaros learns that a "white-bearded man" was responsible for saving him, he expresses surprise, and claims to have an idea as to who he is, and that he needs to talk to someone with a lot of explaining to do.[5]

The AcolyteEdit

When shown Letter to an acolyte, the smuggler acts very uneasy, demands that the player give it to him, asks if they read it, and demands that they forget about it.[6] This letter is addressed to an unnamed acolyte and is written by the acolytes "brothers and sisters". The letter says that while the acolytes service to "our cause" was appreciated, their time with "us" must come to an end, and that the authors hope that the acolytes faith will not be swayed, and that the decision to terminate them will not upset the memories of "this place they call home". The authors then wish the acolyte success on their road ahead, and claim that they will be thinking and praying that they find a purpose in "this world and the next".[7]
Strange token detail

The strange token.

When shown a strange token that bears a great resemblance to a fist of guthix token, the Smuggler uneasily says that he's never seen anything like it before, and hastily claims that it does not belong to him, although the player does not believe him.[8] Both the letter and token are described as looking like they don't belong in Daemonheim.


The smugger's shop only offers what is able to be used at the current dungeon's Complexity. Thus, the stock is expanded along with the complexity level. While resources used to create weapons and armour include all ten tiers (free players only access the first five tiers), tools and other finished items with a tier rating are limited to the first three tiers. The exceptions to this are shortbows, longbows, rapiers, staves, and kiteshields, which are limited to the first tier. All, except for coins, gatestones, journals, bound, from the surface brought, and some puzzle room items can be sold to the shop. However, the Low Level Alchemy and High Level Alchemy spells will give 133% and 200% of the shop price respectively. The smuggler's shop is not available on complexity level 1.

Completing the Daemonheim Tasks will give a 10% discount from the Smuggler.

Item Price
sold at
bought at
sold at
(Daemonheim aura 4)
Lowest complexity
available at
Novite ore Novite ore 525 105 473 3
Bathus ore Bathus ore 1,700 255 1,530 3
Marmaros ore Marmaros ore 4,000 480 3,600 3
Kratonium ore Kratonium ore 6,600 660 5,940 5
Fractite ore Fractite ore 12,200 915 10,980 5
Zephyrium ore Zephyrium ore 17,750 1,065 15,975 5
Argonite ore Argonite ore 26,700 1,335 24,030 5
Katagon ore Katagon ore 35,350 1,515 31,815 5
Gorgonite ore Gorgonite ore 57,500 1,725 51,750 5
Promethium ore Promethium ore 102,000 2,040 91,800 5
Salve nettles (item) Salve nettles (item) 420 84 378 4
Wildercress (item) Wildercress (item) 1,360 204 1,224 4
Blightleaf (item) Blightleaf (item) 3,200 384 2,880 4
Roseblood (item) Roseblood (item) 5,280 528 4,752 5
Bryll (item) Bryll (item) 9,760 732 8,784 5
Duskweed (item) Duskweed (item) 14,200 852 12,780 5
Soulbell (item) Soulbell (item) 21,360 1,068 19,224 5
Ectograss (item) Ectograss (item) 28,280 1,212 25,452 5
Runeleaf (item) Runeleaf (item) 46,000 1,380 41,400 5
Spiritbloom (item) Spiritbloom (item) 81,600 1,632 73,440 5
Protomastyx hide Protomastyx hide 420 84 378 4
Submastyx hide Submastyx hide 1,360 204 1,224 4
Paramastyx hide Paramastyx hide 3,200 384 2,880 4
Archaemastyx hide Archaemastyx hide 5,280 528 4,752 5
Dromomastyx hide Dromomastyx hide 9,760 732 8,784 5
Spinomastyx hide Spinomastyx hide 14,200 852 12,780 5
Gallimastyx hide Gallimastyx hide 21,360 1,068 19,224 5
Stegomastyx hide Stegomastyx hide 28,280 1,212 25,452 5
Megamastyx hide Megamastyx hide 46,000 1,380 41,400 5
Tyrannomastyx hide Tyrannomastyx hide 81,600 1,632 73,440 5
Raw heim crab Raw heim crab 200 60 180 2
Raw red-eye Raw red-eye 550 150 495 3
Raw dusk eel Raw dusk eel 840 210 756 3
Raw giant flatfish Raw giant flatfish 1,400 300 1,260 5
Raw short-finned eel Raw short-finned eel 1,920 360 1,728 5
Raw web snipper Raw web snipper 2,700 450 2,430 5
Raw bouldabass Raw bouldabass 3,400 510 3,060 5
Raw salve eel Raw salve eel 4,500 600 4,050 5
Raw blue crab Raw blue crab 5,500 660 4,950 5
Raw cave moray Raw cave moray 7,500 750 6,750 5
Tangle gum branches Tangle gum branches 225 45 203 2
Seeping elm branches Seeping elm branches 600 90 540 3
Blood spindle branches Blood spindle branches 1,650 165 1,485 3
Utuku branches Utuku branches 3,750 225 3,375 5
Spinebeam branches Spinebeam branches 7,875 315 7,088 5
Bovistrangler branches Bovistrangler branches 12,500 375 11,250 5
Thigat branches Thigat branches 22,500 450 20,250 5
Corpsethorn branches Corpsethorn branches 35,000 525 31,500 5
Entgallow branches Entgallow branches 60,000 600 54,000 5
Grave creeper branches Grave creeper branches 117,500 705 105,750 5
Sagewort seed 5 Sagewort seed 2,250 675 2,025 5
Valerian seed 5 Valerian seed 3,000 900 2,700 5
Aloe seed 5 Aloe seed 4,050 1,215 3,645 5
Wormwood seed 5 Wormwood seed 4,500 1,350 4,050 5
Magebane seed 5 Magebane seed 6,000 1,800 5,400 5
Featherfoil seed 5 Featherfoil seed 8,100 2,430 7,290 5
Winter's grip seed 5 Winter's grip seed 9,000 2,700 8,100 5
Lycopus seed 5 Lycopus seed 10,500 3,150 9,450 5
Buckthorn seed 5 Buckthorn seed 13,500 4,050 12,150 5
Cave potato seed 5 Cave potato seed 540 162 486 5
Gissel mushroom spore 5 Gissel mushroom spore 900 270 810 5
Edicap mushroom spore 5 Edicap mushroom spore 3,000 900 2,700 5
Rune essence (Dungeoneering) 250 Rune essence (Dungeoneering) 50 15 45 3
Novite arrows 5 Novite arrows 40 12 36 3
Bathus arrows 5 Bathus arrows 96 24 87 5
Marmaros arrows 5 Marmaros arrows 182 39 164 5
Kratonite arrows 5 Kratonite arrows 289 51 261 5
Fractite arrows 5 Fractite arrows 440 66 396 5
Void dust Void dust 1,000 150 900 5
Firebreath whiskey Firebreath whiskey 1,000 150 900 5
Red moss Red moss 1,000 150 900 5
Misshapen claw Misshapen claw 1,000 150 900 5
Tangle gum shortbow Tangle gum shortbow 687 165 619 3
Tangle gum longbow Tangle gum longbow 562 135 506 3
Tangle gum staff Tangle gum staff 612 147 551 3
Novite rapier Novite rapier 875 210 788 3
Novite kiteshield Novite kiteshield 1,312 315 1,181 3
Bathus pickaxe Bathus pickaxe 1,062 255 956 5
Marmaros pickaxe Marmaros pickaxe 2,000 480 1,800 5
Bathus hatchet Bathus hatchet 1,062 255 956 5
Marmaros hatchet Marmaros hatchet 2,000 480 1,800 5
Bowstring (Dungeoneering) Bowstring (Dungeoneering) 60 18 54 3
Thread (Dungeoneering) Thread (Dungeoneering) 10 3 9 4
Vial (Dungeoneering) Vial (Dungeoneering) 10 3 9 5
Feather (Dungeoneering) Feather (Dungeoneering) 6 1 6 2
Antipoison (Dungeoneering) Antipoison (Dungeoneering) 200 60 180 2


After an update on 13 November, 2012, you can talk to the smuggler to choose up to 3 presets of combinations of different binds that you want to use for the floor. This can be done by dragging items from the pool of binds that you have (the pool of binds can hold up to 10 items, or 12 with the Hard Daemonheim Tasks complete). Depending on your Dungeoneering level, you can set up the presets to quickly choose your binds at the start of the floor.

Dungeoneering Level Number of Bound Items per preset
1 1
20 2
50 3
90 4
120 5

"Change my starting items"Edit

When you start a dungeoneering floor you receive some starting items. By default you receive some coins. You can talk to the Smuggler to switch between receiving coins or receiving 50 feathers, 25 rune essence, and an antipoison.

It is recommended to switch from coins to these items to speed the start of your floor. The number of items received does not change, even if more coins are received when starting as a reward for completing Daemonheim Tasks.



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