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The Smithing Plot is a plot in a Clan Citadel that allows you to gain the resources Metal bars and Precious metal bars.


You must have a tier 3 or higher mining skill plot to supply metal ore to make metal bars. A tier 4 mining plot can supply precious ore.

You will need both ore and charcoal to smith bars. You can generate charcoal by working at the firemaking skill plot.


You can contribute to your clan's metal bar and precious metal bar resource pool by performing three tasks:

Shoveling ore

A player shoveling ore into a furnace.

  1. Filling the furnace with ore - To do this, click on a resource crate to add ore to the furnace. When your resource crates are empty, the furnace will pour molten metal into a mould.
  2. Click on the mould to transfer the bars from the mould to a trough for cooling. When the trough is full and the mould is empty, a hatch will open.
  3. Finally, you can transfer the cooled bars from the trough to the hatch. When the trough is empty, the hatch will close and the resource crate will re-fill.

To do the smithing plot start to finish there needs to be about 27* charcoal and 27* ore in the storehouse per person using it start to finish. (*note these numbers are an estimate and are only valid on tier 1 furnace.) At tier 7 this has gone up to 85.56.

By increasing the tier of your skilling plot, you may find that more furnaces are added. You will only get the ability to smith precious metal bars at tier 4 of your Citadel.

Tier Upkeep Upgrade
Timber Stone Metal bars Precious bars Cloth Rations Timber Stone Metal bars Precious bars Cloth Rations
1 50 120
2 65 125 310 610
3  ?  ?  ? 360 730 100
4 90 180 10  ?  ?  ?
5 70 180 10 10 35 760 1730 110 110 380
6 80 165 15 15 40 40 990 1930 170 170 450 450
7 100 200 20 20 50 50 2240 4480 450 450 1120 1120

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