Release date 20 November 2012 (Update)
Members No
Skill Attack
Level 20
Type Basic
Adrenaline +8%
Equipment Two-handed
Cooldown 10 seconds
Smash your target for up to 157% weapon damage, disabling protection prayers in PvP.
Smash (ability)
Click animation for full size

Smash is a basic Attack ability, requiring level 20 Attack. It is a two-handed ability that deals 31.4-157% ability damage, and when used on another player, disables his or her protection prayers (excluding Protect Item). This effect does not work on any NPCs except for Akrisae the Doomed.

It's dual wield equivalent is Havoc; Magic equivalent is Dragon Breath; Ranged equivalent is Snipe.


  • In a hidden update on 12 June 2017, Smash's maximum ability damage was increased from 125% to 157%.

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