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Small mystery box is an item released with the Boat to the Arc. It is one of the possible rewards for helping with the activity in Port Sarim. It is rewarded by Seasinger Umi when your personal progress reaches 100% and after the event based on thresholds of both community and personal progress at 20%, 40%, 60%, 80% and 100%. Thus, a maximum amount of 6 small mystery boxes can be received.


Players will always receive a prismatic lamp and star, along with random items from the box's drop table.


Item Quantity Rarity GE price
Medium prismatic lampMedium prismatic lamp1CommonNot sold
Prismatic medium fallen starPrismatic medium fallen star1–2CommonNot sold
Large prismatic lampLarge prismatic lamp1CommonNot sold
Prismatic large fallen starPrismatic large fallen star1CommonNot sold
Huge prismatic lampHuge prismatic lamp1CommonNot sold
Prismatic huge fallen starPrismatic huge fallen star1CommonNot sold
Silverhawk feathers 5Silverhawk feathers25; 100Common890,600–3,562,400
SpringSpring25; 125Common143,650–718,250
Medium protean packMedium protean pack1CommonNot sold
Portable skilling packPortable skilling pack1CommonNot sold

Note: Lamps are always dropped with a star of the same tier.

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