Small Dune
Small Dune
Release date 19 July 2017 (Update)
Members No
Location Varies
Examine Something has caused a small dune to appear within Gielinor.

A Small Dune is a piece of interactive scenery that spawns as part of the Dune Fractures event. It can be interacted with for either Runecrafting or Mining experience. Players can also check daily progress in the event while at a rift. Small Dunes provide 20% more experience compared to the Large Dune located north of the Lumbridge Crater.

Possible locationsEdit

The Small Dune spawns at a random location on each world and moves every 15 minutes. A small yellow bar (similar in appearance to the players' Adrenaline bar) fills gradually over time - once this bar has filled, the small dune despawns and reappears at another location within Gielinor.

This bar will fill regardless if there are players interacting with it or not. Members-only locations do occur on free to play worlds resulting in unreachable locations. If that happens, attempting to use the dune mender to teleport will result in the message: "To go here you must login into a member's server."

Location Map
East of the Al Kharid mining site and south-west of the Mage Training Arena. Demon Flash Mob (Duel Arena) location
Fremennik Province, south-west of Rellekka and north of the Fossegrimen's altar. Small Dune (Fremennik Province) location
East of Ice Mountain, south of the entrance to the Black Knights' Fortress. Small Dune (Ice Mountain) location
Karamja, south-east of the Karamja lodestone and north of Tai Bwo Wannai. Small Dune (Karamja) location
Kharidian Desert, south of Tuska and north of Menaphos. Small Rift (Kharidian Desert) location
Lumbridge Swamp, north-west of the Water altar and Shattered Worlds, north-east of the Wizards' Tower. Small Dune (Lumbridge Swamp) location
Morytania, south-west of Barrows Small Rift (Barrows) location
Morytania, south-east of the Slayer Tower Small Rift (Slayer Tower) location
Piscatoris Hunter area, south-east of the Memorial to Guthix. Small Dune (Piscatoris Hunter area) location
South-west of Port Phasmatys. Small Dune (Port Phasmatys) location
Port Sarim, south-east of the Port Sarim Jail. Small Dune (Port Sarim) location


The amount of experience gained from a small dune can be increased by using Dune menders.

If they have not done so already, players may obtain two free dune menders by speaking to Cat Craft, located just north of the Lumbridge Crater. Players in Ironman Mode are unable to obtain them.

Level Runecrafting Experience Experience with Dune mender
99 115.7 2,892.5
Level Mining Experience Experience with Dune mender
99 113.4 2,835