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Sliskelion piece was removed after an update.
The contents of this page no longer exist in RuneScape, and this article is kept for historical purposes.
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Sliskelion pieces were a virtual currency scattered around Gielinor throughout the release of quests in the Sliske's Countdown story arc. They could be taken to the God Scoreboard in the centre of the Grand Exchange in Varrock. Up to 50 pieces could be accumulated each week and exchanged for a Sliskelion XP lamp which rewards experience in a chosen skill. 50 pieces could be used to teleport to the scoreboard which automatically rewards the XP lamp.

A maximum of 50 pieces could be held at once. Players needed to hand them in or destroy them before they could collect more. There were notification messages for obtaining the 50th piece and, if 50 were owned, the piece that could not be obtained successfully. The 50th piece resulted in the following message: You've just found your 50th Sliskelion piece, you can now use these to teleport to Sliske's Scoreboard and hand them in. Access the teleport option from the expanded currency pouch under the Disctractions and Diversions heading. Once a player gained 50 Sliskelion pieces, any further opportunity to gain a Sliskelion piece instead resulted in the following message: "You currently have 50 Sliskelion pieces, you can teleport with these to Sliske's Scoreboard and hand them in. Access the teleport option from the expanded currency pouch under the Distractions and Diversions heading."

The God Scoreboard could also be used to "turn off" the pieces so the player character no longer receives them.

They did not appear for certain activities, such as Fly fishing and fishing Raw tropical trout.

Prior to the currency pouch update on 26 September 2016 they were items, after the update the pieces automatically will go to the player's currency pouch. In the currency pouch the pieces could still be interacted with to teleport to the Grand Exchange.

They were removed with the release of Sliske's Endgame.



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