Sliske's lair
Sliske's lair
Release date 23 February 2015 (Update)
Kingdom Morytania
Members Yes
Main music The Heist
Levels 1
Strongest monster Elite Wight
Dwarf multicannon allowed Unknown Edit
Quests Dishonour among Thieves, Kindred Spirits
Inhabitants Undead, Shadow experiments

Sliske's lair is a large cave complex beneath south-eastern Morytania where the Mahjarrat Sliske safeguarded the Stone of Jas after finding it. It's accessed through a trapdoor between the Barrows and the Burgh de Rott Woods, just below the Great Vyre Wall. The lair is accessible during Dishonour among Thieves, and also during Kindred Spirits.

The first part of the dungeon consists of several caves with many diverging paths, with a supplied poem providing an effective map to the second part, a heavily guarded cave where wights, shadow clouds and security masks prevent further access. Beyond that is a massive vault door and several side caves, acting as the final barrier before the vault with the Stone of Jas itself.

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