Sleeping Monkey
Sleeping monkey
Release date 6 December 2004 (Update)
Race Monkey
Members Yes
Quest NPC Monkey Madness
Location(s) Marim (Ape Atoll)
Sells items No
Gender Male
Examine A rather sleepy looking guard, wielding some kind of bat.
Sleeping Monkey location

The Sleeping Monkey is a monkey guard that wanders around in the big building on the south end of Marim, just east of the rune shop.

The building itself features a trapdoor that is locked from the inside, a few crates and a ladder too the floor above.

The talk option results in: "The monkey looks a little too sleepy to talk to."


  • After 10-20 seconds of standing in one place, the monkey will fall on the floor and sleep for a few seconds, much like the Faint emote.