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This article is about high-levelled slayer training. For the general slayer guide, see slayer training.

This is a guide on how to train Slayer in the most efficient manner possible purely in terms of maximising Slayer experience per hour. It is aimed towards players with high levels in the various combat and combat-related stats, including Summoning, Prayer, and Herblore, which provide access to various methods of augmenting the rate at which Slayer is trained. It is also targeted towards players who are able to make money at a fairly high rate, and thus would value their time enough to utilize more expensive methods in the interest of saving time. Due to the intended audience of this guide, not everything will be explained in detail, as the reader is expected to know the basics of RuneScape and the Slayer skill itself. This guide assumes you will be using Kuradal exclusively as your Slayer master. This is a guide and while the user is encouraged to follow it as closely as possible for maximum efficiency, players are free to choose which parts to follow and which to ignore subject to their own opinions, stats, gear, cash, potential to make cash, and personal task preference.

Note: Since this guide is focused on maximum slayer experience per hour, tasks that award decent quanities of gold may be overlooked. The player is encouraged to research each and every slayer monster page for strategies and potential wealth gains, as these topics will not be included in this guide.

Cancelling and Blocking TasksEdit

Tasks that the player does not wish to ever do can be permanently blocked at the cost of 100 reward points. Up to seven assigned monsters, or group of monsters such as grotworms or mutated jadinkos, can be blocked in this manner, with one block allowed per 50 quest points.

Cancelling the block costs 30 points. The monster must be the currently assigned task for it to be blocked. In order to maximise efficiency, players should cancel tasks which are commonly assigned yet offer slow rates of Slayer experience, often due to issues such as the inability to use a cannon and/or a titan, low life points, or other factors, such as long animations or specialised killing methods. Please see the task summary section below to determine which tasks should be considered for the use of a block.

Players are recommended to use the cancel option as often as it can be used while maintaining a stable level of Slayer reward points. This will ensure that the player spends as much time as possible doing tasks which offer fast Slayer experience.

The task summary section of this guide will tell you which tasks to block, what to skip, and the ones to complete if you are running low on slayer points. For example, a player that is running low on points may do a hellhound or greater demon task despite the fact that these tasks are usually cancelled. These tasks also give out more ferocious rings if done in Kuradal's cave.

Note: For quick reference, your blocked tasks should include Warped Tortoises, Aberrant Spectres, and Jungle Strykewyrms. See the task summary table below for more information.


This high level slayer guide assumes you have 95 prayer for curses. Curses will speed up tasks 15-20%, and should be used on every task. Bring prayer potions/renewals. Turmoil (or its counterparts) should be used the entire task. Along with Turmoil, Berserker can be used to slightly increase potion endurance, but note that this does not work with overloads. Soul Split can also greatly extend the duration spend at your slayer location -- banking is never needed. You can complete all tasks that Kuradal has to offer without frequent bank trips. 

Note: Because this guide assumes you have 95+ prayer, it also assumes you will not be picking up infernal ashes or bones for cash. It is up to the player to decide if they want to do so, but make note you will not receive even half of the listed experience per hour. If your prayer level is not 99, it is recommended to bring Infernal urns  or use Bonecrusher  / Demon Horn Necklace combo to work toward 99 prayer.


This high leveled slayer guide assumes you have access to extreme potions and use super antifires. Overloads will give you better experience rates than what is in the table, but only by a small margin. If you do not have extremes and super antifires, you will not be able to obtain the best slayer experience per hour.

Dwarf Multi-CannonEdit

Post EoC the cannon has become significantly worse to use. It is no longer a high damage machine and the experience is not as good, but it does slightly speed up slayer tasks with its damage. The main benefit of the cannon is to group all the monsters around you so you can deal more damage to them with aoe, and spend less time running around attacking them.


The Mighty slayer helmet is better than an uncharged black mask, and should be used for every task. The bonuses of the helmet plus the ability to store familiar scrolls make it an essential part of any serious Slayer's gear. Remember to refill your stored scrolls of choice after using them up. 

As for the rest of the equipment, it is assumed you will be using at the very least God War Dungeon power armor. For tasks that reside in the dungeon itself, the table assumes you have a piece of ancient Nex gear or a Shard of Zaros on allowing you to wear the best ranging equipment you can, and not random gear for the four different gods.

Remember: After the armour update, it is important that you follow the combat triangle. Doing anything else will slow down your slayer experience considerably, unless you have level 90 weaponry.

Getting a task and transportEdit

Ferocious rings allow fast transport to Kuradal, and are always the fastest and best option when obtaining a new task. However, players may find that they are running out of the rings if they are not performing enough tasks in Kuradal's Dungeon. Therefore, players may wish to use a slayer ring, which should be brought to every task, to reach Kuradal when their task is complete. Simply use the ring to teleport to the Rellekka Slayer Caves and then use the nearby fairy ring (code B-J-Q) to reach Kuradal. (Slayer rings should be made in batches and treated as disposable to allow more loot to be banked.)

For Slayers using the Lunar spellbook, the NPC Contact spell can be used to get a new task. However, the rewards interface cannot be accessed this way, so travel to any Slayer master may be necessary to cancel.

The TokKul-Zo, obtained after the Fight Kiln Quest, is great for transport during slayer. while charged, it has unlimited teleports to the entrance to the Fight Caves, along with several other locations. The Fight Caves teleport location has a bank and is extremely close to a fairy ring.

Slayer ContractsEdit

With the addition of Slayer contracts, the Slayer Tower is now the best place to complete assignments for any monster that resides in it. The task summary will assume you are doing a contract for Abyssal Demons, Aberrant Spectres, Gargoyles, and Nechryaels. The bonus 20% experience of the slayer contracts stack with the 10% bonus for wearing Morytania legs 4, the reward for Morytania Elite Tasks.

Task Summary TableEdit

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This is a list of all monsters assigned by Kuradal, along with the pros and cons of completing the task, as well as, an analysis of tasks experience per hour.

Monster name Slayer Xp Slayer level Combat level Weakness Pros Cons Skip/Do/Ban Maximum xp/hr
Aberrant spectres 138 60 104 Thrown weakness icon Thrown Inside the Slayer Tower

Herb drops can be profitable

Lifepoints are way too high for the slayer experience they give Block

Abyssal demons

277 85 98 Slash weakness icon Slash

Inside the Slayer Tower for bonus experience on contract

Possibility of dropping level 75 Wand or Orb which can be sold for some profit

Random teleport might be a bit annoying. Do w/contract 126k
Airut 800 92 122 Zero weakness icon Nothing

High slayer xp per kill

Possibility of dropping level 90 power gloves

Near Kuradal

Can be profitable

High defence with no weaknesses

Has a special attack which can cause a lot of damage if not blocked

Requires high level gear in order to kill efficiently

Do / Skip 120k
Ascension members 147.5-1923 81 120, 130, 150, 175 Ranged weakness icon Ranged

Chance of receiving signets if killing Legios and Ascension grips from any member.

Almost guaranteed Keystones from a task on Roraii

Gladius has a crimson charm rate of ~80%.

Roraii can be crowded

Legios not worthwhile unless completing the Ascension Crossbow and getting at least some Keystones yourself

Do 100k (Rorarii)

Up to 125k (Legios)

Automatons 665.5 67 165 Fire weakness icon Fire spells(Gu)
Crush weakness icon Crush(Tr)
Arrow weakness icon Arrows(Ge)
If doing guardians and are good with stuns you take no damage.

Chance of getting their level 85 gloves drop as well as elite clue scroll.

Must access The World Wakes full reward to access to them.

Hard hitting especially with special attack if not trapped correctly.

Do 140k
Aviansies 150-226 1 128, 132, 136 Bolt weakness icon Bolts Can rack up kills fast while making a large profit in noted Adamant Bars.

Killing Kree'Arra can be very good money while counting towards the task.

Higher population worlds can be crowded.

Risk of losing your items if you decide to kill Kree'Arra instead.

Do 80k
Aquanites 109 78 136 Arrow weakness icon Arrows Do not have to unlock them Far Away, bad experience, have to spend reward points to unlock and cancel tasks Toggle Off
Black demons 295 1 140 Bolt weakness icon Bolts High numbers are assigned allowing for great experience gains without travelling. Good source of crimson charms Takes a long time to travel to if you do not have 70 Agility, unless you plan to kill them in Chaos Tunnels/Chaos Tunnels resource dungeon. Do 93k
Black dragons 257.6 1 100 Bolt weakness icon Bolts

Fast task if done at Evil Chicken's Lair which is the best location for the greatest xp/hr.

Can kill either KBD or QBD instead for more profit.

Requires partial completion of Recipe For Disaster to obtain access to the Evil Chicken's Lair Do 100k
Mutated bloodvelds (Bloodveld task) 216, 239.6 50 130, 136 Fire weakness icon Fire spells Gives more experience compared to regular Bloodvelds. Require Drakan's medallion/Wicked Hood for fast teleports. Legacy of Seergaze required for easy access.

Slow exp and poor drop compare to other task you can do.

Do / Skip 80k
Blue dragons 98.2 1 74 Bolt weakness icon Bolts

Extremely easy to kill with all combat triangle if using 70+ weapons, a 200 kill task can be done in less than 20 minutes. 

With bonecrusher and dragon rider amulet you can earn 200 * 144 = 28800 prayer xp in 20 minutes.

Very profitable if you choose to pick the drops, usually over a million if bones and hides are all picked up.

Gives a pitiful amount of slayer xp per kill.

Less profit and xp overall than black dragons.

Do (Profit) / Skip (Exp) 60k if not picking up drops, otherwise <30k

Celestial dragons

976.3 1 182 Arrow weakness icon Arrows

Even more xp than Mithril Dragons.

Almost all drops are stackable requiring very little to no banking per trip.

Unique drops are valuable.

Their time stopping ability can be annoying and possibly deadly if you do not have constant dragonfire protection.

Maintaining a high accuracy is required for maximum efficiency due to their high defence.

Do 175k
Dagannoth Kings (Dagannoth task) See Dagannoth Kings article 1 See Dagannoth Kings article See Dagannoth Kings article High amount of experience per king, also a nice profit from the drops.

Very good co-op task

Required all types of combat.

If decide to kill regular dagannoth, the exp rate is quite slow as they're spread out and low slayer xp per kill.

Do / Skip 110k
Dagannoth Guardian (Dagannoth task) 326.5 1 98 Air weakness icon Air spells Gives way more experience compared to regular Dagannoths.

Easy to kill, specially with Balmung or Air Spells.

Far spread.

No charms.

No close bank.

Blood Runs Deep needed to acess the cave.

Do / Skip 100k
Dark beasts 331.5 90 105 Bolt weakness icon Bolts Close together and quick to kill with royal/ chaotic/ascension crossbow.

With bonecrusher/ demon horn necklace combination, the prayer restoration from solely bones is enough to sustain constant active soul split+ and anguish.

Magic and melee are somewhat ineffective compared to range. Do 110k
Desert strykewyrms 316.8 77 148 Stab weakness icon Stab Can string kills together at a decent rate.

Moderate profit.

Wasted time starting combat with them.

Far spread

Do / Skip 70k
Dust devils 139 65 122 Crush weakness icon Crush Decent crimson charms

Slow compared to other tasks you could be doing

Have to run through the Wilderness for the best experience rates

Do / Skip/ Block 42k
Fire giants 169 1 122 Slash weakness icon Slash Can be found in large amounts in the Waterfall Dungeon Slow, poor drop, poor charm other than gold. Do / Skip 70k
Ganodermic creatures 565 95 160, 166 Fire weakness icon Fire spells Moneymaking while slaying, drops from a single task can easily earn you over a million .

Drops untradable spirit tree seeds. If you don't want to spend time on vinesweeper, this is your monster of choice.

Somewhat high health.

Spawns aren't that close if you don't have access to resource dungeon.

Do 140k
Gargoyles 237 75 93 Water weakness icon Water spells Very good xp rate at Slayer Tower Need to purchase the ability to deliver killing blows quicker for 400 slayer reward points before it is worth it to do Do w/contract 117k
Glacor 1881 75 112 Fire weakness icon Fire spells Fast kills, combat familiars will make kills even faster.

Very good Slayer and Magic experience per hour.

Very rare boot drops worth several million coins.

Close to a bank via the nearby Fairy ring.

Best locations in the cave are usually occupied. Toggle on 170k Slayer

600k Magic

Greater demons 142 1 82 Bolt weakness icon Bolts

Close to Kuradal, decent source of crimson charms

Can kill K'ril instead for slayer, making very high profits.

Slow compared to other tasks you could be doing Do / Skip 50k

80k (K'ril)

Grifolapines 293.4 88 148 Water weakness icon Water spells These are very fast kills They charge toward you which can be annoying. Do 120k
Grifolaroos 340.5 82 154 Earth weakness icon Earth spells Very close to fairy ring They jump around which can be very annoying if you mistime your thresholds Do / Skip 100k

Mature grotworms  (Grotworm task)

343.5 1 140 Bolt weakness icon Bolts Drop a lot of adamant and rune items which can be alched. No longer bot infested. Somewhat slow to kill. Do / Skip 70k
Hellhounds 93.6 1 92 Slash weakness icon Slash Very close to Kuradal, can be killed quickly with revolution. No drops apart from charms/clues/bones, or ring if slain inside her dungeon. Skip 50k
Ice strykewyrms 485.6 93 152 Fire weakness icon Fire spells Fire spells do double damage to them, a single threshold is able to take them down.

Chance of receive Staff of light and Clue scroll (elite) .

You need a fire cape/TokHaar-Kal or spend 2000 Slayer Points on convincing Kuradal Do 160k
Iron dragons 257.2 1 98 Water weakness icon Water spells Extremely easy to kill, very fast task Only assign a small number.

Its dragonfire attack can deal damage continuously on player without proper protection.

Do 120k
Jungle strykewyrms 185.6 73 134 Stab weakness icon Stab Midrange slayer experience per kill, very fast kills, elite clue scroll Assigned often, spread out, takes time to start combat, far away from anything Block 50k
Exiled kalphite guardians (Kalphite task) 240.4 1 140 Water weakness icon Water spells Clustered together, ~25% crimson & blue charm rate, one of the best blue charm source.

Damaged chitin also provide good money or could be used to repair your own drygore weapons.

No cons. Do / Skip 86k
Living Rock Creatures 164 1 132 Water weakness icon Water spells(Pro/Pat)
Crush weakness icon Crush(Str)
Drops a lot of noted gems and ores.

Living rock Patriarch gives large amounts of loot and Slayer exp if it spawns

Assigned often. Spread out. Slow exp rate. Do / Skip 70k
Mithril dragons 593 1 160 Earth weakness icon Earth spells Incredibly rewarding in both experience and profit. Not assigned very often.

A tough monster, hit very hard from all combat triangle.

Do 140k
Muspah 469 76 150

Zero weakness icon Nothing

Ancient Magicks does double damage

Very profitable

Really good magic experience

Instanced, so you have no competition with other players over kills

Shard of Zaros must be worn to make them unagressive Do 125k

Mutated jadinkos

(The highest level you can manage)

98.6, 188.4, 209.6

80, 86, 91

93, 96, 100 Stab weakness icon Stab Very fast task, lots of profit from stackable drops.

Fruit drop make food supplies unneeded.

Possible elite clue scroll and crystal triskelion from male.

No cons Do 96k
Nechryaels 301.5 80 96 Crush weakness icon Crush Great task if done in the Slayer Tower, decent source of crimson charms No cons Do w/contract 144k
Nihil 705.4 76 160 Ranged weakness icon Ranged(Ice/Smoke)
Magic weakness icon Magic(Blood)
Melee weakness icon Melee(Shadow)
A slim chance to obtain a Zaryte bow

Very good combat and Slayer experience.

High value noted herbs.

Fast kills when using level 90 gear

Special attack can be annoying.

Cannot use scrimshaws to speed up kills.

Toggle on 120k
Skeletal wyverns 511 72 156 Fire weakness icon Fire spells These are killed fairly quick with the use of fire spells.

Bones dropped can be used to make super prayer potion. Protect/deflect reduce the damage of icy breath to less than 200, elemental/ dragonfire shield not necessary.

Hit hard and accurate.

May need to rebank if you don't have Soul Split and several Prayer potions

Do 100k
Spiritual mages 229 83 140 Arrow weakness icon Arrows(Zam)
Bolt weakness icon Bolts(Arm/Sar/Ban)
Fairly easy to kill.

Chance of Dragon boots or Warpriest armour

To kill these without being attacked by other monsters in the dungeon, you need to wear a piece of ancient armour from Nex, the Shard of Zaros from Fate of the Gods or equipment from all four sides. Do


Steel dragons 350 1 100 Water weakness icon Water spells

Very easy to kill with magic and high xp per kill,

Decent profit from the dragon bones and other drops

No cons. Do 154k
Suqahs 49.8 1 105 Fire weakness icon Fire spells Not assigned very often Everything about these is a con Skip, Block if got unused slot
Terror dogs 69, 79 40 88, 94 Slash weakness icon Slash Not assigned very often Everything about these is a con Skip
Tormented Demon 75 119 1136 Fire weakness icon Fire spells

Silverlight Silverlight and Darklight

Bolt weakness icon Bolts

Rare drops worth millions of coins each.

Uncommon hard clue drop.

Very far from a bank, getting there takes several minutes.

Can be slow without a Steel Titan.

Best spots are usually taken.

Toggle off (without a steel titan)

Toggle on (with a steel titan)

Tzhaar 81 1 124 Water weakness icon Water spells(Ket/Hur)
Slash weakness icon Slash(Xil)
Arrow weakness icon Arrows(Mej)
Not assigned very often Very slow task, but can be good experience if Cauldron's done Do/Skip(If The Brink of Extinction isn't completed) 46k
TzHaar Fight Cave creatures (Slayer Challenge) 76,162, 40, 280, 361, 25000 75 122,124, 126,128, 130, 140(TzTok-Jad) See article Gives an additional fire cape or tokkul when completed

Jad gives an additional 25K bonus xp

The fight caves can be a struggle if it has not been completed before. A guide to it can be found here. ~76k Exp for all the monsters.




120 67 140 Thrown weakness icon Thrown Fast kills if stakes are unlocked to maximum Vyrewatch outside Darkmeyer have no drops other than their corpses and without blisterwood weapons, the kills are very slow Do/Skip(If Blisterwood isn't unlocked) 80k
Warped tortoises 99.8 56 104 Bolt weakness icon Bolts Completely avoidable if you don't complete The Path of Glouphrie. Tortoise shells can bring in over 500k per task. Slayer experience is low for their lifepoints, fairly spread out (usually paired in groups of two), slightly slow spawns. Slow to other tasks you could be doing. Block
Waterfiends 335 1 107 Bolt weakness icon Bolts Best source of ranged xp and crimson charms.

Near Kuradal.

Can get crowded from people farming crimson charms

Can hit pretty hard with their magic attack, even on rangers

Do 110k

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