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Slayer skill training dummy detail

The slayer skill training dummy is obtainable from a medium or large skill training dummy crate, both possible prizes from Treasure Hunter. It can be deployed and used for slayer training by surrounding players for Slayer experience. The amount of experience depends on the deploying player's level (6,162 experience per practice at 99 Slayer).

When deployed, a slayer training dummy is placed on the ground. It can be deployed in most locations, excluding banks, the wilderness and or certain minigames. The dummy lasts for 4 practices. The dummy can be used by other players as well. If they do they receive 10% of the experience that they would have gained if they had owned it.

The level of the dummy corresponds to the Slayer level of the owner.

Slayer training dummies, like all other non-combat skill training dummies, can be converted at a 3:2 ratio into other skill training dummies.


  • The slayer skill training dummy resembles a Ripper demon.
  • The animation the player uses while training on the dummy resembles the Gelatinous abomination's death animation.