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Slayer reward points are awarded when a player finishes an assignment or challenge assigned by any Slayer Master (except Turael/Spria). The higher level the Slayer Master, the more points are received. Players who have done the Smoking Kills quest will receive double the points than players who have not. Slayer reward points can be traded in to any slayer master for various rewards. The approximate value is 1,557 coins per point (based on 35 points per batch of Slayer Dart runes).

Since the Social Slayer was introduced on 11 July 2012, players can now invite each other to simply speed up the slayer assignment (experience and drops aren't shared, unless using the LootShare or CoinShare systems to share the drops) by using the ring of slaying, a full slayer helmet with rings of slaying fused to it, or an enchanted gem targeting on the partner. Note that both must be on the same assignment or one of both must have no assignment at all. The points are obtained the same way for both players when the assignment is complete, however they are co-op points, which can be used to obtain rewards from a Slayer Master the same way as the normal reward points, there are different rewards, however.

Points are awarded for every task the player completes after their fourth consecutive task, unless they have a task changed by Turael (the first four tasks will earn no points, but from the fifth task onwards, points will be received). Every 10 and 50 tasks completed will give bonus points - every 10th task gives five times the Slayer Master's normal point amount, and every 50th task gives fifteen times the normal amount.

If a player changes their task with Turael (or Spria), their task count will be reset back to zero. As such, they will have to complete another four tasks before they can earn points again. Tasks set by Turael/Spria do not count towards the four needed before points are earned, nor do they count toward the total number of tasks completed in determining which one will be the bonus task (i.e. multiple of ten or fifty).

Players who just wish to accumulate points in a short time may choose to get tasks assigned by Mazchna (or Achtryn) for the first nine tasks and then the highest Slayer Master possible for the tenth task. This is commonly done by players seeking faster slayer points, as higher levelled Slayer Masters usually give longer, harder tasks. The maximum amount of slayer points a player can have at once is 64,011.

In the January 2014 Behind the Scenes it was announced that among the changes to the Slayer skill would be the removal of Smoking Kills as a requirement for collecting slayer reward points. In a later forum thread, Mod Ryan explained that players who haven't done the quest will only receive half the amount of points[1].

Obtaining pointsEdit

There are two ways of obtaining Slayer points: completing Slayer assignments or Slayer challenges.


Players are advised to use Mazchna (or Achtryn) for the first four Slayer tasks and then any Slayer Master that gives decent tasks for the player's combat level. Every 10th and 50th task, players should use the Slayer Master having the highest requirements they meet, due to the large increase in Slayer points given. The points gained every 10th and 50th task are 5 and 15 times the Slayer Master's regular points, respectively.

Slayer Master Points per task Points per 10th task Points per 50th task Notes
Turael or Spria 0 0 0 Changing a task with Turael or Spria will reset the task count to zero, and therefore make the player need to do another four tasks to start receiving points again. Completing tasks set by them do not contribute to the four needed to start gaining points. Players should not use these Slayer Masters, especially if nearing the 10th or 50th task.
Mazchna or Achtryn 2 10 30 Mazchna's tasks are easy and fast, therefore he should be used to complete the first four tasks and quickly begin earning points.

Warning: Even though the first 4 tasks do not give Slayer points, they count as 4 of the first 10 for higher amounts of reward points.

Vannaka 4 20 60 An advantage of using Vannaka over Mazchna or Achtryn is that Vannaka gives more experience per task. However, Vannaka's tasks will take longer.
Chaeldar 10 50 150 Players who find that they can complete Vannaka's tasks quickly and proficiently may decide to switch to Chaeldar, for better experience and more Slayer points, despite taking longer to complete, as it can accumulate to more experience and points over a period of time.
Sumona 12 60 180 Sumona's tasks are very similar to Duradel's - the main difference is that fewer monsters are set by Sumona. Sumona is not recommended for the first four tasks, as her tasks are often long. Sumona is best used by players who lack the combat and/or Slayer level to use Duradel.
Duradel or Lapalok 15 75 225 These masters are not recommended for the first four tasks, as their tasks are long and relatively hard. However, they are highly recommended for all tasks after, due to the comparatively high amount of points received upon completing their tasks.
Kuradal 18 90 270 Like Duradel (or Lapalok), she is not recommended for the first four tasks, but highly recommended for all tasks after, due to the comparatively high amount of points received upon completing her (often long and difficult) tasks. You should always use Kuradal after the four tasks, after 75 Slayer.


Main article: Slayer/Challenges

Slayer challenges are sometimes given to players by Slayer Masters. They award the normal amount of Slayer points (the amount that would have been given if it was a task) plus bonus Slayer points and Slayer experience.

Slayer Master Additional Slayer
points awarded
Turael or Spria 0
Mazchna or Achtryn 3
Vannaka 6
Chaeldar 25
Sumona 30
Duradel or Lapalok 35
Kuradal 0*

* Although Kuradal doesn't give bonus slayer points, the challenge will still count as a normal task, and you will be rewarded accordingly.


Many players save their points to learn how to craft Slayer helmets. It is advised to spend the next points on learning how to craft a ring of slaying, and then on cancelling unwanted tasks. The rest of the points can then be spent on whatever the player likes, with buying rune packs for 35 points being the most common use.

Having unlocked all abilities to craft Slayer items and the ability to deliver killing blows quicker is a requirement needed to get a trimmed Completionist cape.

Once the helm upgrades have been purchased, any subsequent purchases of the upgrades are substantially cheaper, at 10% of the original cost, as indicated under the original price.

Category Item Points cost Notes
Buy 250 casts of Slayer Dart icon Slayer Dart 35 Provides 250 death runes and 750 air runes - enough for 250 casts of Slayer Dart. Level 50 Magic and level 55 Slayer is required to cast Slayer Dart. This is recommended for players wishing to make money off slayer points. Selling these runes for medium price on the Grand Exchange will earn 54,500 coins. With a maximum of 64,011 points, it is possible to buy around 99,626,000 coins worth of runes at one time.
250 Broad-tipped bolts 5 Broad-tipped bolts 35 Provides 250 broad-tipped bolts for use with crossbows. Level 50 Ranged is required because you need to wield a rune crossbow or better to use these bolts. They are equivalent to rune bolts. Level 55 Slayer is required to use broad bolts. Selling these for medium price on the Grand Exchange will earn 6,250. Depending on the prices of broad-tipped bolts and death and air runes, it may be more profitable to buy the runes for Slayer Dart casts, sell the runes on Grand Exchange and buy broad-tipped bolts on the Grand Exchange to make a profit.
250 Broad arrow 5 Broad arrows 35 Provides 250 broad arrows for use with bows. Level 50 Ranged and level 55 Slayer is required to use broad arrows, which require at least a magic bow to fire. While broad arrows are more powerful than rune arrows, many players tend to ignore this reward as broad arrows are untradeable so no profit can be made and the same number of tradeable broad bolts can be obtained with the points needed.
Ring of slaying Ring of slaying 75 Provides a ring of slaying, with full (eight) charges. The ring provides teleports to four different locations which contain Slayer monsters. Each teleport uses one charge. The ring can also be used for checking the progress of your Slayer assignment - this uses no charges. Players may want to conserve Slayer points and instead purchase the ability to craft rings of slaying, since that can reduce the long-term usage of Slayer points.
Reinforced slayer helmetFull slayer helmet upgrade (1) 100
Increases the stats of the full slayer helmet. Requires 55 Crafting and completion of the Smoking Kills quest.
10,000 Slayer-icon Slayer experience 400 10,000 instant Slayer experience is received. However, with this amount of points, you could also buy 599,500 coins worth of Slayer Dart runes, so this is rarely purchased by players. Also, since the max amount of Slayer Points is 64,011, it is possible to buy up to 1,600,000 slayer exp at one time.
Strong slayer helmetFull slayer helmet upgrade (2) 400
Further increases the stats of the full slayer helmet. Requires the first upgrade.
Mighty slayer helmetFull slayer helmet upgrade (3) 600
The final upgrade to the full slayer helmet. Requires the second upgrade.
Learn Ability to persuade Kuradal to assign Aquanite iconaquanites. 50 78 Slayer is required to be assigned and to kill aquanites. You must have the required Slayer level - boosts will not work.

Note: After buying the option to be assigned Aquanites you can always go back to any slayer master to toggle this task off through the rewards interface.

Ability to Broad arrowheads 5fletch broad arrows and Unfinished broad bolts 5broad-tipped bolts. 300 Level 52 Fletching is required to fletch broad arrows, and level 55 is required to fletch broad-tipped bolts.
Ability to craft Ring of slayingrings of slaying. 300 Level 75 Crafting is required to craft rings of slaying. Assists can be used. The ring provides teleports to four different locations which contain Slayer monsters. Each teleport uses one charge. The ring can also be used for checking the progress of your Slayer assignment - this uses no charges. This is commonly purchased due to the fact that the rings can be used to shorten task times, since they can be used to teleport to Slayer locations. Also, it can save an inventory space which would otherwise be taken up with an enchanted gem, since rings of slaying serve the same purposes and can be worn.
Ability to deliver killing blows quicker. 400 Monsters which require a finishing blow to kill, such as rock slugs, desert lizards, zygomites and gargoyles will die when they reach zero life points like normal monsters, as long as the item required to kill them is in the player's inventory. This ability functions with ranged and magic attacks; the player does not need to be positioned adjacent to the monster to activate the finishing blow effect.

This ability does not work when using experimental fungicide during Chaeldar's challenge.

The item may still be used to kill a monster slightly above zero life points as before. It is stated in-game that 75 Slayer is required for this ability, but neither purchasing it or using it actually requires the stated level.

Ability to craft Slayer helmetSlayer helmets. 400 Level 55 Crafting and completion of Smoking Kills is required to craft Slayer helmets. A Slayer helmet is crafted from an uncharged black mask, a spiny helmet, a facemask, a nose peg and a pair of earmuffs. The Slayer helmet gives all the benefits of the aforementioned items, and defence bonuses comparable to an iron full helmet. Once created, the Slayer helmet can be dismantled at any time, giving all the materials used in its construction. A hexcrest and a focus sight can be added to the slayer helm to make a full slayer helmet.

This ability is commonly purchased, as it combines many pieces of Slayer equipment into one, which can greatly increase bank space. Also, it enables the user to gain bonuses while wearing required protection for Slayer monsters.

Learn how to fuse rings to full slayer helmets 500
Level 60 Crafting and Smoking Kills is required for this. Players who purchase this ability can add up to five fully charged rings of slaying and four fully charged ferocious rings to any full slayer helmet variant to gain access to their teleports. Players can recharge the teleports by fusing more rings, or by paying 5 co-op slayer points (the helm does not gain properties of the ferocious ring, and already has the non-teleport properties of a ring of slaying).
Ability to use a new technique to attack Ice Strykewyrm Iconice strykewyrms. 2,000 If a player does not own the fire cape, which is required to be assigned tasks with killing ice strykewyrms, they are welcome to spend 2,000 Slayer reward points instead to unlock the task. However, while using the fire cape, players get 2x the damage with fire spells and +40 damage added to all attacks (even non-magic), versus 1.5x damage with fire spells and no damage added without the cape, so players are advised to attempt to gain the fire cape instead of purchasing this ability. Also, if the points were used instead to purchase runes for Slayer Dart, 1,838,250 coins would be earned. This reward requires a minimum Slayer level of 93 to purchase - boosts will not work.
Skip assignment 30 Skips the player's current assignment without penalties—four more assignments will not need to be completed for the player to start earning points again.

Note: If tasks are not from Chaeldar, Sumona, Duradel or Kuradal, this is not worth buying, unless you are near a 10th or 50th task. It would take a minimum of two tasks from Duradel or Kuradal and three from Chaeldar or Sumona to regain the points used in buying this service.

Remove assignment 100 Skips the player's current assignment without penalties and permanently removes the assignment from the player's task list - the player will not be assigned that monster again. There is a maximum limit of 6 types of assignments that can be cancelled on one account - one for every 50 quest points a player has up to 300 quest points. Cancelling the removal of monsters allows the monster to be assigned again, but does not refund points spent removing the monster.
Co-op Recharge a fused full slayer helm 5 Recharge the teleport charges on any fused Full slayer helm
Recharge rings of slaying and ferocious rings 10 Recharges all of the rings of slaying and ferocious rings the player is currently carrying.
Ability to use food on your partner 25 When slaying with another player via Social Slayer, you can unlock and gain the ability to heal both you and the other player, by using a piece of food on them. The amount of lifepoints regained by each player is equal to half of the total amount healed by the food.
You share your partner's protective equipment 30 The effects of any required protective equipment for a monster are shared between both players, as long as they both have the level requirements to use it.
Your partner gains half your portent of restoration effects 35 Any portents of restoration heal the player's partner for half their effect within slayer areas while on tasks.
Your partner gains half your potion effects 75 Unlocks the permanent ability to share potion effects; untradeable potions like extreme potions, super antifire, super prayer and overloads included.

To do this you need:
1. to be in a slayer group
2. both be assigned the same monsters
3. be at the slayer location
4. the other player must have accept aid on

Baby aquanite pet 50 -
Share your slayer teleports with your partner 60 If one partner teleports using a slayer item, the other will be given the option to follow
Baby Ice Strykewyrm pet 100 A baby strykewyrm pet by the name of "Freezy".
Freezy's jungle skin A jungle skin for Freezy
Freezy's wilderness skin A wilderness skin for freezy
Freezy's desert skin A desert skin for freezy
Ganodermic runt pet 200 A baby ganodermic runt



  1. ^ Mod Ryan. "Save Slayer and Smoking Kills!". 2013-12-31. Future Game Updates Forums.
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