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For other uses, see Slayer helmet (disambiguation).

Slayer masks are Slayer equipment that can be won from Treasure Hunter.

Mask Monster Recharge
Mask of the Abyss Mask of the Abyss Abyssal demons 1
Mask of Broken Fingers Mask of Broken Fingers Crawling hands 1
Mask of Crimson Mask of Crimson Bloodvelds 1
Mask of Dust Mask of Dust Dust devils 1
Mask of Gelatin Mask of Gelatin Jellies 1
Mask of Granite Mask of Granite Gargoyles 1
Mask of Gloom Mask of Gloom Dark beasts 1
Mask of the Kura Mask of the Kura Kurasks 1
Mask of Mourning Mask of Mourning Banshees 1
Mask of Reflection Mask of Reflection Basilisks 1
Mask of Stench Mask of Stench Aberrant spectres 1
Mask of Stone Mask of Stone Cockatrices 1
Mask of the Troll Mask of the Troll Trolls 1
Mask of Vines Mask of Vines Mutated jadinkos 1
Mask of the Airut Mask of the Airut Airut 3
Mask of the Aquanites Mask of the Aquanites Aquanites 3
Mask of the Automatons Mask of the Automatons Automatons 3
Mask of the Black Demon Mask of the Black Demon Black demons 3
Mask of the Dagannoth Mask of the Dagannoth Dagannoths 3
Mask of the Ganodermic Mask of the Ganodermic Ganodermic 3
Mask of the Green Wyrm Mask of the Green Wyrm Jungle strykewyrms 3
Mask of the White Wyrm Mask of the White Wyrm Ice strykewyrms 3
Mask of the Yellow Wyrm Mask of the Yellow Wyrm Desert strykewyrms 3

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