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Slayer Dart
Slayer Dart icon
Members? Yes
Level Magic-icon 50
Slayer-icon 55
Spellbook Normal
Type Combat

Air weakness icon Air

Damage 480
Runes 1Death rune3Air rune
Slayer staff, Staff of Light, Staff of darkness, or Abyssal wand
Slayer dart
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Slayer Dart (formerly Magic Dart) is an air spell that requires 50 Magic and 55 Slayer to cast. 55 Slayer is only required if you are using the slayer's staff. It may only be cast if a slayer's staff, a staff of light, a staff of darkness, or an abyssal wand and orb are equipped.

Slayer Dart is the only magical combat spell that can damage a turoth or kurask, along with the leaf-bladed sword and leaf-bladed spear being the only melee weapons and broad-tipped bolts and broad arrows being the only ranged methods that can damage them. The runes for Slayer Dart are also a reward from all Slayer Masters when you trade in points after completing the quest Smoking Kills.


Spell Costs
Runes Cost
3Air rune 1Death rune 301
Staff Cost

Combination runes Cost


  • Before the Evolution of Combat, Slayer Dart required 1 death rune and 4 mind runes.
  • One could previously charge a greater runic or runic staff to cast Slayer Dart, but this is no longer possible.

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