Abbreviation Meaning
Vambs Vambraces
V arm Varrock armour, Verac's armour
Varr, Varry Varrock
V Brassy Verac's brassard (Armour)
Vb Virtus Boots or Virtus Book
Veng Vengeance, Vengeance Other, or Vengeance Group
-vention Added to the end of a skill or action to refer to training it via Invention (e.g. "fishvention" refers to training Fishing and Invention at same time, most commonly by using a Fishing rod-o-matic)
Ver, V (Armour) Verac the Defiled's equipment
Vg Virtus Gloves
Vine Whip Vine
Vis, Visage Draconic Visage
Vls Vesta's longsword
V Sq Varrock Square
VoS Voice of Seren

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