Abbreviation Meaning
Tally/Tali Talisman
Tab A teleport tablet
Tag Being the first to touch a Shooting Star, and therefore gain a mining experience bonus equal to 75 times your mining level.
Targ Target
Ttas/Tas, Curse Temp The Temple at Senntisten
Tassy, Tassets Bandos tassets
Tav/Tavvy Taverley
Tb, Tbed, Tb'ed, Tb'd

Teleblock, reference to someone getting Teleport Blocked, mainly used during pking.

Can also refer to the Trouble Brewing minigame.

T Bow Training bow
TC Team cape
TDS Tormented demons
Terminator A bot used for Player Killing.
Terry, TBird, Terror

Spirit terrorbird

Tfh Torva Full Helm
Tg Torva gloves
TH Treasure Hunter
That, Tree Hat Christmas tree hat
Thunder Yk'Lagor the Thunderous, the highest Occult-themed boss in Dungeoneering
Tk Toolkit (Dungeoneering)
TLH Target Likelihood, used mainly in Bounty Hunter worlds for saying how near you are to target
Tnl To Next Level
TOC Time on clock


Tears of Guthix


Total level
Trah The Trahaearn district in Prifddinas, typically used when saying where the Voice of Seren currently is.
Trollgazer Seeker, a Dungeoneering creature which looks very similar to the much more sought-after Soulgazer.
TT Treasure Trail, Temple Trekking
TTB Trips to bank. Used to refer how many trips to the bank someone is going to do (e.g. I'll do

5 more TTB and I'll go to PVP). Used mainly while Mining, Woodcutting or Fishing.

Tubbied A Shooting Star that has been mined to its centre, revealing the Star sprite. This term refers to the TV show Teletubbies, which many believe the Star sprite resembles

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