Abbreviation Meaning

Rune two-handed sword

RaF, RAF Refer a Friend Programme
Ragging, Raggers Term often used in pking as someone with inferior or cheap gear.
Rages Ragefire Boots
Rago Vorago
Rags Shorthand for "fragments", sacred clay pieces found in Stealing creation. Came into use because "frags" used to be censored by the chat filter. Alternatively, people often refer to 'poor gear' as rags within the Wilderness.
Rambo, Rambo spec, Rambo special Term often used in pking for a high-hitting special attack, or a combination of regular hits that surprises the opponent. A word derived from John Rambo, a muscular hard lined character from the movie "First Blood".
Range Tank Player who focuses mainly on Ranged and Defence.
Rangers, Rngrs Ranger boots
Rap A shortened form of the chaotic rapier, used often when finding staking opponents. "Rapping 5m".
Rax Araxxor/Araxxi
RB Red Base (Stealing Creation)
Rcb Royal Crossbow
RCing Runecrafting
RC Pker

Runecrafter player killer. Someone who killed a runecrafter on their way to the Abyss runecrafting area.

RCW Ranked Clan Wars
Recoil, RoR Ring of Recoil
Red barred Term sometimes used to describe a monster/person with so little Life points that its health bar is almost completely red.
Req(s) Request assistance, Requirement(s)
Rev Revenant
Rev Caves Forinthry Dungeon
Rex, Rexxy Dagannoth Rex
Rg Re-group
RFD Recipe for Disaster
RFH Rune Full Helm
Rimmy Rimmington
Rm Rematch
RMH Rune helm
Rng, RNG Ranged, Random Number Generator
Robin Robin Hood hat
ROL Ring of life
ROTM Ritual of the Mahjarrat
ROTS Barrows: Rise of the Six
Rox Rune mining site in high wildy.
RoW Ring of Wealth
Rq Ragequit. Often described as when a player leaves an activity because they are angry at occurrences within. An example of this is within Dungeoneering, when a player dies, or if the floor contains a barrel puzzle room on a critical path.
RR Rune rocks in high wilderness.
RS RuneScape
RSC RuneScape Classic
RSMV RuneScape Music Video, RuneScape model viewer
RSOF RuneScape Official Forums
RT, Rocks Rocktail
Rush, Rusher PKing tactic, in which a player is attacked directly after finishing a fight by someone using a high-powered spec weapon (eg. Dragon Claws, Armadyl Godsword)
RWT Real world trading

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