Abbreviation Meaning
P2P(er) Members (Pay-to-Play)
Papa smurf A joke regarding Saradomin's blue skin smurf-esque look.
Pass Password (the word password is censored in-game), Shantay pass, Underground Pass
Pb Pernix boots
Pc Pest Control, Private Chat, Price check
PC product A pejorative used to refer to players that trained combat through Pest Control
Pess, Ess Pure essence, rune essence
Peng(s) Penguin Hide and Seek
Pg Pernix gloves
Ph, Phat


Piling Multiple people attacking the same opponent. With the Evolution of Combat, this is seen more often, and is more deadly.
Pick Pickaxe
Pillar'd, Pillared Jokes that refer to an anti-climactic ending to a quest; often used to either refer to Salt in the Wound or a quest currently in production with low expectations. The term originated after players were disappointed with the ending to the quest Salt in the Wound. Most commonly used in the forums and is often used in conjunction with other memes.
PJ Pile jumping. The act of interrupting a player vs player fight by attacking one or both of the players, or attacking the winner of a fight, aiming to get the loot pile.
PJer/PJing Someone who PJs/Going out into the Wilderness specifically to PJ.
PK, PKer, PKing Player Killer/Player killing. Someone who is fighting other players - specifically in the wilderness or other high risk PvP areas.
Plate/Pl8 Platebody
Pm/PM Private message, Pirate Mine, Player Moderator
Pw/PW Password (the word 'password' is censored in-game)
PMod Player Moderator
POH Player-owned houses
Pool An enriched divine spring
POP Player-owned port
Pot, Pots Potion, Lobster pot. Can also be used to inform other players in a group to drink their potions ("pot up"). There is also an item named pot.
Potter Someone who uses potions to fight, or performs pottery.
Pouchcrafting Slang term for the Summoning skill.
Pp Pyramid plunder, pickpocket, polypore
Pps Polypore staff
Price Check Term used to open a Trade screen to find the price of the item if sold in the Grand Exchange for the middle price; used before the Price Checker was released.
Prif Prifddinas
Proc/Procs Programmed Random Occurrence. When a random event, such perks activation, triggers.
Prod/product Someone that relies on a certain weapon or special attack when Pking/PvPing to defeat their opponent. For example, "AGS prod", "Turmoil prod", Korasi prod". Can also refer to the way someone got quick experience: "BXP herb prod", PC prod".
Pure Someone who trains only one type of skill; someone who only trains combat skills, or only non-combat skills.
Pure set Super (or Extreme) Attack and Strength, but no super (Extreme) Defence.
Purist A player who plays without trading any player, or using the Grand Exchange and also does not player kill. The only exception to this is in the quests they rely on having two different players complete it (i.e. Heroes' Quest, Shield of Arrav). See also: Ironman Mode.
Pray Pot/Ppot Prayer Potion

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