Abbreviation Meaning
Hally Halberd
Hef The Hefin district in Prifddinas, typically used when saying where the Voice of Seren currently is.
Hellies, Hells, HH Hellhounds
Hemmy, Hemi Hemenster, Heim crab
Herb, Herby Herblore
Hex Hexcrest, Hexhunter bow
H, HF Used to advertise a Dungeoneering floor you are hosting. Example: H39, HF39
HHB Hexhunter bow
Hilt Godsword hilt
Hillies, Hills, Hillys Hill giants
Hiss Saradomin Hiss
HLF High level forums, forums which can only be accessed by having an account with level 99 in all skills.
Hop To change worlds
Horn team A team in Barbarian Assault that plans to only go up to wave 5 or 6, then disband, to fill up a penance horn quickly.
HP Hitpoints. Could be used to refer to a player's Constitution level, an amount of Life points, or to Hitpoints as it was before the 3 March 2010 updates.
HPK Honour PKing (See also: NH)
HT Home teleport, Horn team in Barbarian Assault
Hybrid A player who fights with more than one point on the Combat Triangle

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