Abbreviation Meaning
B2B/BTB Bones to Bananas, Back to back
B2P/BTP Bones to Peaches
BA Barbarian Assault or Battleaxe
Bank made An exclamation, usually sarcastic, about the value of a drop or other benefit. Particularly used of drops (such as the abyssal whip and dragon boots) which used to be extremely valuable.
Bankstanding Socialising with other players in a populated area such as a bank or the Grand Exchange
Barb Barbarian, Barb-tail harpoon, Gunnarsgrunn (previously known as Barbarian Village)
Barrage Ice Barrage, Smoke Barrage, Shadow Barrage, Blood Barrage
Baxe Battleaxe
BB Blue Base (Stealing Creation) or big bones
BBV, BV, BBvill, Barb vill Gunnarsgrunn (previously known as the Barbarian Village)
BF Blast Furnace
Bh Bounty Hunter, Bandos helmet
BK Bot kill(ing) (Player killing bots in the Wilderness)
BKK(er) Bot Killer Kill(er)
BM Beastmaster Durzag
Blitz Ice Blitz
Blk Black
BoL Battle of Lumbridge
BotD Birthright of the Dwarves
Box Fighting rules at Duel Arena, when no equipment is used
Br, brz Bronze
Brac, Brace Bracelet
BS/BSer Bow strings, bank sale, back stabber (usually used in wildy)
B sale, Bsale Bank sale, big sale
Bsk, Bskr, Zerker, Berz Berserker
BXP/BXW/BXPW Bonus XP Weekend

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