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Skull of Remembrance
Skull of Remembrance
Release date 13 August 2013 (Update)
Members? No
Quest item? Yes
Tradeable? No
Equipable? No
Stackable? No
Alchemy Cannot be alchemised
Destroy You can retrieve it from Dawn's body in the Saradominist tomb, via the portal at the top of the Black Knights' Fortress.
Store price Not sold
Examine Alas, poor Dulcin. I never knew you. (The Death of Chivalry)
Weight 0 kg
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Skull of Remembrance detail

The Skull of Remembrance is the skull of Captain Dulcin and a reward from the Death of Chivalry quest. It is found when searching Dawn's corpse in the Tomb of the Fallen after the quest. The skull allows the player to replay the cutscenes and other parts of the quest, and also has a right-click teleport option, which teleports the player to the ritual chamber in the Black Knights fortress, conveniently close to a bank chest. You can't teleport when in the Wilderness.


By gazing into the skull, the following cutscenes can be rewatched:

  • Saradomin's Arrival.
  • Deliberately Distressed Damsel.
  • Player's Sacrifice OR Sir Owen's Sacrifice (Depending on the player's decision during the quest)
  • Knight of the Living Dead.
  • Righteous Fury or Saradomin's Gift (Depending on the player's decision during the quest)

It can also be used on various items. The currently known items are:


  • The examine text is a reference to William Shakespeare's Hamlet; “Alas, poor Yorick! I knew him, Horatio;"
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