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For other uses, see Skull (disambiguation).
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Skull detail

A Skull is an item that can be found in various places:

  • Two can be found north of the Goblin Village, near the Mind altar in the level 2 Wilderness.
  • Five can be found in and around the Eastern Ruins (also known as the Abandoned Farm) in mid-level Wilderness.
  • One can be found in level 30 Wilderness, far east of the Eastern Ruins and far north of the eastern green dragon area.

Skulls are used in 2 quests:

Other than quests, skulls can only be used for Construction in player-owned houses. The player can use them to make a skeleton throne (level 88), Skull Torches (level 94), and hanging skeletons (level 94). Skulls were made non-tradeable due to players using it to scam other players.

If you're entering the Wilderness to obtain a skull, watch out for player killers.


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  • The Wise Old Man of Draynor will say to get rid of any skulls the player may have, for hygiene purposes.
  • There is a skull lying on the ground on the Spirit Realm farm. When the player tries to pick it up without having activated the discs, they receive a message stating that they pick up the skull, but then realise it is still lying there.
  • Until 17 October, 2005, these items were useless.  However, they were used in scams to try tricking people into thinking they were rares and then paying a lot of money for them.

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