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Skilling spells is a type of Magic that aids the player in a way that is not related to combat in a direct way. They are listed in the magic section of a player's Ability book, underneath the Skilling spells sub-tab. These skilling spells can be divided into two types, Enchantment spells and Alchemy spells, in addition to a few miscellaneous spells on the Lunar spellbook. The ancient spellbook contains no skilling spells.

The ways in which these spells aid the player can be very different. For example:

Alchemy SpellsEdit

Main article: Alchemy spells

Alchemy spells convert one item into another. By far the most popular is high level alchemy.

Enchantment SpellsEdit

Main article: Enchantment spells

Unique to the standard spellbook, enchantment spells use cosmic runes to imbew an item with magical properties.

Other SpellsEdit

Some spells from the Lunar spellbook have unique functions that do fit into the above categories. As with all Lunar spells, these spells require the completion of the Lunar Diplomacy Quest, and possibly the Dream Mentor quest or at least partial completion of the Livid Farm activity.

IconNameMagic-iconRunes RequiredXP Counter iconSpell scroll Notes
NPC Contact icon NPC Contact 67 1Cosmic rune1Astral rune2Air rune 63 Allows the caster to telepathically speak to a variety of NPCs. With NPC Contact, a number of tasks can be performed from a distance, including managing slayer assignments, collecting buckets of sand from Bert, managing Miscellania with Advisor Ghrim, and repairing damaged Runecrafting pouches thanks to the dark mage. The spell can also contact a random NPC, with generally humorous results.
Remote Farm icon Remote Farm** 78 3Nature rune2Astral rune2Earth rune 79 Allows the caster to view the status of, and cure, any farming patch.
Magic Imbue icon Magic Imbue 82 2Astral rune7Fire rune7Water rune 86 For approximately 12 seconds after casting this spell, the caster is able to create combination runes without need for an opposing talisman.
Spellbook Swap icon Spellbook Swap* 96 1Law rune2Cosmic rune3Astral rune 130 Allows the caster to cast a single spell from another spellbook. Can be cast repeatedly in order to allow several spells from other spellbooks. Desert Treasure must be completed in order to cast Ancient Magicks.
Borrowed Power icon Borrowed Power** 99 3Astral rune Same as the spell used. Allows the caster to (with the aid of an Arcane Capacitor Necklace) cast various spells from the standard spellbook a number of times. Although autocasting is not available, the player is not forced to repeatedly switch spellbooks.
  • * Requires completion of Dream Mentor quest to cast.
  • ** Can be used once unlocked at the Livid Farm activity.


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