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Skilling pets are pets released on 22 August 2016 that are obtained from non-combat skill training. There are currently a total of nineteen skilling pets, one for each non-combat skill.

While training, the player has a chance to receive a pet as a drop. Free to play players may obtain pets from free to play skills. Skilling pets display the player's experience in the associated skill when they are examined. It is possible to override Summoning familiars with skilling pets. When the player receives a pet, they get a message, along with a world announcement:

While skilling, you find [Pet], the [Skill] pet. It has been added to your inventory.


While skilling, you find [Pet], the [Skill] pet. However, you do not have enough inventory space, so it has been sent to your bank.

World announcementNews: [Player] has received [Pet], the [Skill] pet drop!

When a player has received and inspected their fifth skilling pet, they unlock the [Name], Jack of Trades title, along with a world announcement. When a player has received and inspected all 19 skilling pets, they unlock the [Name], Jack of All Trades title, along with a global broadcast.


The pets may be obtained at any level, but having a higher skill level increases the chance of receiving a pet, in addition to an increased chance with virtual levels, up to 120 (or 150 for Invention), and a further increase at 200 million experience. Virtual levelling option doesn't have to be enabled in order to get the increased pet chance from virtual levels.

For gathering and support skills (Agility, Divination, Firemaking, Fishing, Hunter, Mining, Slayer, Thieving, and Woodcutting), the chance to get a pet occurs alongside the chance to gather a resource; so the resource's level and success chance does not affect the chance of getting a pet.

For production skills, mostly artisan skills (Construction, Cooking, Crafting, Dungeoneering, Farming, Fletching, Herblore, Invention, Runecrafting, and Smithing), the chance to get a pet is affected by size of experience drops, excluding any possible bonus experience. Size of experience drop and pet chance ratio is linear, meaning that doing 100 actions that give 1 experience have the same pet chance as doing 1 action that gives 100 experience.

The following items and training methods do not provide any chance of receiving a pet:[1]

Any form of experience boost (below) does not increase the chance of obtaining a skilling pet:

Players can get a pet while training in a Clan Citadel, as well as using portable skilling stations, skillchompas, and Crystallise.[2]

If the player's inventory is full, the unlock item will be sent into their bank instead. If the bank is full, it will be delivered to the player as soon as there is space in either of those places.

Combat skilling petsEdit

Future update
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Skilling pets will be added for combat skills (including Attack, Constitution, Defence, Magic, Summoning, Strength, Ranged and Prayer)[3] in November 2017.[4] Players have been able to submit concepts for the combat skilling pets as part of a competition. The ninja team selected their top concepts for each skilling pet and players have voted on all new pets, as well as the details for the associated titles. The pets will be:

The chance of obtaining Shamini will be adjusted to account for the time taken to gather charms. The new titles will be:

Crabbe, the Slayer skilling pet, will become a combat pet and will count towards the Jack of Blades title rather than Jack of Trades. [5]

Types of petsEdit

Skill Pet Unlock item Image
Agility Agility Dojo Mojo Dojo Mojo Dojo Mojo pet Dojo Mojo pet
Dojo Mojo (pet)
Construction Construction Baby Yaga's House Baby Yaga's House Baby Yaga's House pet Baby Yaga's House pet
Baby Yaga's House (pet)
Cooking Cooking Ramsay Ramsay Ramsay pet Ramsay pet
Ramsay (pet)
Crafting Crafting Gemi Gemi Gemi pet Gemi pet
Gemi (pet)
Divination Divination Willow Willow Willow pet Willow pet
Willow (pet)
Dungeoneering Dungeoneering Gordie Gordie Gordie pet Gordie pet
Gordie (pet)
Farming Farming Brains Brains Brains pet Brains pet
Brains (pet)
Firemaking Firemaking Bernie Bernie Bernie pet Bernie pet
Bernie (pet)
Fishing Fishing Bubbles (pet) icon Bubbles Bubbles pet Bubbles pet
Bubbles (pet)
Fletching Fletching Flo Flo Flo pet Flo pet
Flo (pet)
Herblore Herblore Herbert Herbert Herbert pet Herbert pet
Herbert (pet)
Hunter Hunter Ace Ace Ace pet Ace pet
Ace (pet)
Invention Invention Malcolm Malcolm Malcolm pet Malcolm pet
Malcolm (pet)
Mining Mining Rocky Rocky Rocky pet Rocky pet
Rocky (pet)
Runecrafting Runecrafting Rue Rue Rue pet Rue pet
Rue (pet)
Slayer Slayer Crabbe Crabbe Crabbe pet Crabbe pet
Crabbe (pet)
Smithing Smithing Smithy Smithy Smithy pet Smithy pet
Smithy (pet)
Thieving Thieving Ralph Ralph Ralph pet Ralph pet
Ralph (pet)
Woodcutting Woodcutting Woody Woody Woody pet Woody pet
Woody (pet)

Pet number statisticsEdit

The statistics for the number of obtained pets as shown during the data stream[6], the numbers of obtained pets before and after Double XP Weekend September 2016[7], and also for 20 April 2017.

Skill Pet 30 August 2016 23 September 2016 26 September 2016 20 April 2017
Agility Dojo Mojo 293 1,104 1,487 9,627
Construction Baby Yaga's House 12 239 1,133 4,262
Cooking Ramsay 129 1,141 1,731 13,114
Crafting Gemi 28 728 1,699 10,112
Divination Willow 1,226 4,161 4,771 30,810
Dungeoneering Gordie 271 1,318 1,698 10,322
Farming Brains 769 2,818 3,464 21,503
Firemaking Bernie 309 1,236 1,586 13,728
Fishing Bubbles 2,466 7,989 8,756 37,391
Fletching Flo 22 1,137 2,871 13,871
Herblore Herbert 70 829 2,650 10,759
Hunter Ace 178 659 845 6,381
Invention Malcolm 395 2,610 3,341 19,560
Mining Rocky 532 3,324 3,757 28,671
Runecrafting Rue 337 1,122 1,333 8,926
Slayer Crabbe 327 2,678 3,158 22,364
Smithing Smithy 104 1,158 2,523 13,906
Thieving Ralph 560 1,995 2,322 11,551
Woodcutting Woody 1,073 4,208 4,690 28,917


As of 20 April 2017, the stats were:

  • 15,065 players have earned 5 or more pets thus unlocking the Jack of Trades title.
  • 150 players have earned all 19 pets thus unlocking the Jack of all Trades title.


  • Skilling pets were developed as they were rated the third most desired update in the RuneScape 2017 survey of potential future content.
  • Training Dungeoneering in a dungeon will only give the chance to receive the Dungeoneering pet - no other skills inside the dungeon will give their respective pets.
  • The first player to unlock all 19 pets and receive the Jack of all Trades title was Mr Blob on 15 October 2016.
  • The first Ironman player to unlock all 19 pets and receive the Jack of all Trades title was B08 on 20 February 2017.
  • The first Hardcore Ironman player to unlock all 19 pets and receive the Jack of all Trades title was Fabbles on 29 July 2017.
  • The pet unlock items cannot be fed to a baby troll.
  • Skilling pets are bankable and it is possible to receive multiple skilling pets without first interacting with the unlock item.


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