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Summoning skeletal warlock

A player summons a skeleton warlock.

A skeleton warlock is an undead monster found during The Restless Ghost. Players must search a rock for a skull in the Lumbridge Swamp, which will cause the skeleton warlock to spawn. Players are not required to kill the warlock to complete the quest; after a while it will simply disappear.

The warlock uses magic attacks and is weak to arrows (and other ranged weapons to a lesser extent), and so it is recommended that players equip magic-resistant leather or better armour alongside a shortbow to quickly dispatch the monster.


  • Other players not doing The Restless Ghost may attack the skeleton warlock and kill him for you.
  • Before The Restless Ghost quest update, players fought a regular skeleton in the Wizards' Tower in place of the skeleton warlock.
  • The animation is similar to old magic animation (from strike to blast).
  • It is possible to summon this monster an infinite number of times by repeatedly destroying the muddy skull and searching the rocks again.

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