This is a dangerous Distraction and Diversion.
If you die, you will lose your items and will need to reclaim them from Death or your grave.
Invasion plans
This article is a strategy guide for Skeletal horror.
Information on mechanics, setups, and tactics is on this page.
Skeletal Horror fight

Fighting the Skeletal horror

General informationEdit

While in combat, both hands and tail will detach, reducing the combat level and effectiveness of the horror. If the detached parts are not disposed of by retrieving and burying them, they will reattach to the horror, healing it and restoring its combat stats.

If players die fighting the skeletal horror, their tombstone will appear outside the entrance to the stairs leading to the battle; players can retrieve their items from their tombstone if they can make it back in time. Since you can only teleport once with the bonesack/ram skull helmet another fast way to make your way back is by using Sliske's invitation box.


For every 12,500 damage dealt to the Skeletal Horror an appendage will be thrown to a corner of the battlefield. First the right hand will fall off, then the left hand, and finally the tail.

When an appendage is lost the skeletal horror will become weakened; lowering the combat level, the max hit, accuracy, and defensive capabilities of the skeletal horror. The appendages must be picked up into the player's inventory and buried. If left on the ground or in your inventory, the appendage will reattach to the Skeletal horror healing back the damage dealt, and restoring its combat stats.

It is possible, albeit difficult to kill the skeletal horror without burying any of the appendages.


The skeletal horror can be dangerous if unprepared, or for lower level players. It will not attack you with the attack style that you are praying against (e.g., if praying against Magic, it will use Melee, and vice versa), so high healing food such as monkfish or sharks are recommended.

It is not recommended to use armour below level 70 to fight the skeletal horror as it can hit exceptionally high if you do. A high levelled player should be able to defeat the skeletal horror without any issue. Since killing a mithril dragon is a requirement for completing the second bone wish-list, players who have unlocked the ability to fight the skeletal horror should be well prepared to fight it.

Despite being a monster made from the bones of dead creatures, it is not considered undead, and therefore is unaffected by the salve amulet or salve amulet (e).


The suggested way to kill this monster is to use Magic, as the Skeletal horror is most notably susceptible to magic attacks. Magic armour also provides excellent defence against both of its attack styles.

Other stylesEdit

If Melee or Ranged combat is preferred, it is suggested to use the highest level weapon(s) and armour you feel comfortable risking, as the skeletal horror is more resistant to these styles than magic. Protection prayers or Deflect Curses are highly recommended.

If you find the fight is still too difficult, a dwarf multicannon can be placed in the arena to provide additional damage. Dreadnips and Summoning familiars such as a Beast of Burden with extra food or a Unicorn stallion with Healing aura scrolls can be of additional aid as well.

The healing and defensive buff from the Enhanced Excalibur makes it a handy accessory for the fight.

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