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The Sizzling Summer event boasts a gamut of rewards for members who subscribe throughout the summer. The experience bonuses apply for people who remain member throughout August and are doubled if they remain subscribed throughout September. The event is similar to Mad May. Alongside the following bonuses, many seasonal items were released for the Squeal of Fortune and Solomon's General Store.

Every day that you're subscribed in August, you receive one extra spin on the Squeal of Fortune. If you're a member through the whole of August (31 July - 1 Sep), you will receive a 350,000 XP bonus (it's a Promissory note that when clicked, gives access to special XP lamps). Every day that you're subscribed in September, you receive two extra spins on the Squeal of Fortune. If you're a member throughout both August and September, you will receive a bonus 700,000 XP at the end of September as well as various rewards, including:

  • A 5-piece tropical islander outfit (being a member for August only gives you this reward)
  • A wild crab transformation dance emote
  • A squid cape
  • A "scorching hot" title
  • Seaweed dreadlocks

Eligible players will also be afforded the chance to "Choose Your Fate": a selection of four of the most powerful items ever seen on RuneScape. Each eligible player may pick four items. They include:

  • Dodging death: Enables the player to respawn, still with all items and health fully restored.
  • Instakill dart: Kills any enemy in one hit (specific details to be released).
  • Emergency healing box: Once consumed, the consumer regains all life points instantly, and it can be used on other players.
  • Remote deposit box: Once used, a deposit box will be available for 5 minutes, anywhere, to be used by anyone.

NOTE: With the exception of the remote deposit box, the "Choose Your Fate" features cannot be used during PvP.

Players who subscribe from August 31st throughout all of September become eligible for a 350,000 XP lamp, in an event dubbed "Sizzling September" by Jagex.


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