Sixth Age conflict
Beginning End
Sixth Age, Year 1 Ongoing
All of Gielinor, Grim Underworld, Tuska's back
Death of several gods;
Death of powerful, and famous beings;
Death of Sliske;
Destruction of the Stone of Jas
Assassination of Guthix
Battle of Lumbridge
The Bird and the Beast
Tuska Comes
Zamorakian Raid on Sliske's Lair
Assault on Icthlarin's Fortress
Kyzaj Tournament
Heart of Gielinor
Cabbage Facepunch Bonanza
Saradomist Forces, Zamorakian Forces, Armadylean Forces, Bandosian Forces, Godless Forces, Zarosian Forces, Serenist Forces, Marimbo, Brassica, Guthixian Forces, Dragonkin Sliske's Forces (Note: though Sliske initiated the conflict, the conflict eventually turned into each side against each other)








Icthlarin & Death
Brassica Prime


Many mortals on all sides, Cres Automatons Guthix, Bandos. V, Tuska, Gielinor (god), Cres, Nomad, Sliske
Previous war
Gielinorian God Wars
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The Sixth Age conflict is a series of events that happened through the Sixth Age after the death of Guthix. Involving deaths of powerful being and gods themselves.


The assassination of GuthixEdit

The following takes place during assassination of Guthix.

An archaeological dig, with the assistance of an adventurer, found the resting place of Guthix. Once found, ancient stones were alerted, and those paying attention were able to trace them to north of Ardougne. Many factions raced to the location in the hopes that they could negotiate with Guthix for their deity to return, or to kill Guthix outright.

The Guardians of Guthix mobilised whomever they could, and with the aid of the adventurer, who was empowered by Guthix to become the World Guardian, repulsed each attempt by Kree'arra, Bandosians under General Graardor, Zamorakians under K'ril Tsutsaroth, and Saradomists under Commander Zilyana. In the end, Sliske reached Guthix first and killed him with the staff of Armadyl.

With Guthix dead, and the Edicts broken, the gods now are free to roam on Gielinor. With a World Guardian, given this title by Guthix himself.

Saradomin vs ZamorakEdit

The following takes place during The Battle of Lumbridge and The Death of Chivalry.

Meanwhile, the death of Guthix had caused some of his power to be spread around the world, including one such fragment which may have, according to speculation from an expert, created the portal near Lumbridge. Shortly after, Zamorak returned to Gielinor through the portal, immediately causing a wave of chaos which threatened to destroy the nearby town. He was confronted by Saradomin, his long-time adversary and rival, and the two gods made battle to the west of Lumbridge, flattening the entire surrounding forest and destroying part of the castle in the resulting crater. This disturbance also resulted in the relocation of several nearby sites, including the H.A.M. Hideout and a certain Tree patch. The two gods, locked in a stalemate, called armies of supporters to the fight. The resulting battle raged for more than ten weeks, with countless soldiers and beasts of war fighting over divine tears, remnants of Guthix's power. During the battle, Saradomin had sent a clone of himself to task Sir Owen, with the help of the World Guardian, to retrieve the Wand of Resurrection that was in the hands of the Black Knights. At the battle's conclusion, Saradomin, having amassed more tears than Zamorak by a narrow margin, was finally able to overpower his foe. Though Zamorak's lieutenant Moia saved him from a killing blow, the defeat nonetheless resulted in a significant loss of power for Zamorak..

Sliske's grand ascensionEdit

The following takes place during Missing, Presumed Death.

During this time Sliske had caused some small events to get the gods' attention by murdering the warriors of the gods. After this he sent the gods an invitation to his "grand ascension", even allowing the World Guardian to join in starting the announcement. The Mahjarrat revealed that he had kidnapped death, and caused these event to propose a game, a contest for the Stone of Jas. The winner would be determined by who kills the most gods. The game would end when Gielinor's moon Zanaris eclipse over the sun, and the winner will be announced then.

Armadyl vs BandosEdit

The following takes place during The Bird and the Beast.

After Sliske's announcement and with the depletion of the rift in Lumbridge at the climax of the battle between Saradomin and Zamorak, the gods were forced to find other sources of divine energy. Both Armadyl and Bandos turned to the newly discovered skill of Divination, and sent caravans of their followers to travel the world and bring the energy back to towers which had been erected by the gods.

To do this, they established sites in key places around Asgarnia and Misthalin, and gathered followers to claim and defend these sites in addition to the caravans. The newly-emerged Godless faction also took part in this battle, by ambushing the caravans belonging to both sides. At times, they would offer a temporary truce to the combatants. The Battle ended during the beginning of the second year with Armadyl victorious, Bandos was defeated, and killed.

Party of the godsEdit

The following takes place during Cabbage Facepunch Bonanza.

Not long after Zaros returned to Gielinor, the goddess of the monkeys Marimbo returned. As soon as she returned, she faced up against the god of cabbages, Brassica Prime, at Saradomin's old camp next to the Lumbridge Crater. The Emissary of the Godless, Holstein, arrived to disrupt Marimbo and Brassica Prime's contest. Unlike other god battles, the two gods didn't want to fight. They decided to have a non-fatal competition with each other. Brassica was the victor of this competition, with Marimbo landing in second, and the Godless in third, almost beating the goddess score.

Avenging BandosEdit

The following takes place during The Mighty Fall.

After Bandos' death, his followers had gathered together and murdered some of the human Bandosians, believing it was partly their fault for his death. Soon after, they decide to take their revenge on residents of Dorgesh-Kaan, believing that Bandos' defeat was because he was weakened after dealing with the Dorgeshuun's rebellion against their god during his attempt to return. Scouts of Dorgesh-Kaan had blocked off the where the Bandosian army were at to avoid them from getting to the city. Thanks to the World Guardian and Zanik, the Bandosians were distracted from their original task and held a tournament to decide who should lead the faction. This event lead to the fate of the Bandosians and Zanik herself. General Graardor would return to the God Wars Dungeon to try and claim the godsword, as the battle for the godsword continued even to this day.

Tuska's arrivalEdit

The following takes place during Tuska Comes.

As Tuska hurdled through space to consume Gielinor, Astromancer Wizard Chambers sent adventurers to Tuska's back to stop her. Aligning with Saradominist, Zamorakian, Armadylian, and the Godless factions, adventurers charged an Anima Mundi spear then buried them into Tuska's skull. Following Godless victory against Tuska, with Vorago dealing the final blow, having Tuska land south of the Wizards' Tower. The portal on Tuska's back granted access to Mazcab within a week later, which is being guarded by the Godless, and a Scopulus.

Zamorak makes a move for the Stone of JasEdit

The following takes place during Dishonour among Thieves.

Diminished in power, Zamorak made a daring plan to steal the Stone of Jas from Sliske. Unknown to the Zamorakians, Sliske was aware of the plan and was making preparations of his own.

An elite team, with the aid of the World Guardian, entered Sliske's lair, bypassing Wight guards. Sliske revealed his own trap: shadow apparitions of the team. The Zamorakians were able to emerge victorious, but Nomad betrayed the group and made an attempt to steal a fragment of the Stone of Jas.

Zamorak eventually appeared and touched the Stone, regaining the power he had lost after his battle with Saradomin. Sliske appeared one more time, and a brief exchange of spells occurred between the two.

The Heart of GielinorEdit

The following takes place during Heart of Gielinor.

Deep within the Kharidian desert resides the Heart of Gielinor, a location that has a powerful pool of anima whose controller would gain unimaginable ability and power. There headed the four faction of Sliske, Zaros, Seren Zamorak. Each faction wanting to claim the Heart for their respective god and personal goal, as well as the grudge most of them hold against each other. The battle continues to this day awakening Telos, a anima mundi creature that guards the Heart of Gielinor. This was predicted by Soothsayer Sybil who informs the World Guardian that they are the only one powerful and skilled enough to put it back to sleep. the Soothsayer hopes that Telos awakening is only to protect the pool, and not to cause destruction towards Gielinor.

Sliske's EndgameEdit

The following takes place during Sliske's Endgame.

The moon Zanaris had finally covered the sun from Gielinor. There each gods arrived to their fortress or camp site. Armadyl at his divine focus tower alone, Saradomin at the White Knights castle gathering his forces with his commanders, Zilyana who was looking at the horizon and Padomenes who began training the forces of Saradomin. Zamorak had arrived at the Kinshra's fortress presenting himself to his followers and aligned warriors there. The gods were all invited to meet up at the heart of Gielinor, to finally compete for the stone of Jas. Vorago, Death, Icthlarin, Brassica, the world guardian and Marimbo also attended the game, with Marimbo and Brassica both leaving the contest due to little interest towards the Stone. The Dragonkins were also part of the contest. Ending with the stone of Jas being destroyed and Sliske's death.

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