Sister Catherina chathead

Sister Catherina is an novice found at Abbey of St. Elspeth Citharede. Players must speak with her outside the abbey gate in order to start the One Piercing Note quest.

After players speak with Abbess Benita and begin investigation of Sister Anna's apparent murder, she moves into the oratory in the east part of the monastery. When investigating Sister Elena's apparent death, she moves again and can be found at troubadours outside the abbey.

She must be spoken to during the investigation of Sister Anna's apparent murder. At certain point of the dialogue she asks what happened and players may choose to reveal the truth about murder or to keep it secret.

When moving on to Sister Elena's murder, she is dancing outside at Valerio, as although the dancing is forbidden for the Order, she hasn't spoken her vows yet. Abbess Benita wishes her brought within the safety of the abbey walls, but before she enters, she is attacked and killed by The Killer.

Sister catherina dancing

Sister Catherina dancing

Elspeth nuns concept art

Concept art of Benita, Catherina, Cecilia, Debora, and Elena


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