Sister Anna
Sister Anna
Release date 7 November 2011 (Update)
Race Human
Members No
Quest NPC One Piercing Note
Location Abbey of St. Elspeth Citharede
Sells items No
Gender Female
Examine A mad-eyed woman wrapped in rags.
Sister Anna chathead
Sister Anna is a character that plays a role in One Piercing Note quest, acting as the main antagonist.


Not much is known about Anna prior to the events of the One Piercing Note quest, aside from she was good friends with Valerio and originally comes from Lumbridge. Valerio describes her as being a strong-minded woman and that nothing would change her mind once it was set, evidenced when he reveals that he was unable to change her mind when she decided to join the Abbey of St. Elspeth Citharede.

She described herself, to the other nuns involved in the quest before her "death", as having a "sinful" life before joining the Abbey, though those "sins" were never revealed. She seemed to have a love for dancing and singing, but after joining the Abbey, she began to grow a strong disdain for anyone or anybody who would dance or sing whilst inside the Abbey's walls.


During the quest, the player is enrolled into investigating her murder. However, as the investigation progresses, the player finds out that Anna was not actually murdered, but was instead she was the murderer herself. She claimed to be possessed by the Spirit of Saint Elspeth, which led her to kill both nuns named Sister Elena and Sister Catherina, as well as the applicant named Sister Isabella prior to the start of the investigation. Her cold, cruel, sadistic, and vicious motive for killing them was because of their love of dancing and singing, and considered them to be sinners and forbidden as the Abbey did not permit dancing or singing. It was hinted that during this time she was possessed by The Ripper, while convinced that she was instead possessed by the spirit of Saint Elspeth.

At the end of the quest, depending on what choice the player chose, Sister Anna either throws herself off the bell tower to commit suicide in order to redeem herself, is kicked off by the player character or falls out while praying, thinking she can fly like an Icyene.

Trivia Edit

  • In the bookcases of the Abbey are three books written by Anna: 'The Lives of the Seven Priestly Warriors', 'Saint Elspeth and Saint Zilyana' and 'The Stillness of the Feet on the Path of Penitence'.

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