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Sirenic scale detail

Sirenic scales are raw materials used to create sirenic armour. Most monsters that drop sirenic scales typically require a high Slayer level (78+). The slayer monsters with higher Slayer levels will drop scales more often than those with lower levels, though it is still rather rare to obtain. A few bosses also drop sirenic scales.

The scales are part of a cloth created by Remora, a siren featured in the quest Song from the Depths. Wearing a ring of wealth or having a Slayer task does not improve the drop rate of scales.[1]

Making the sirenic armour requires level 91-93 Crafting along with a specific number of scales and algarum thread depending on what piece of armour that is being made. The latter bought from Ocellus near the Monastery of Ascension, or smuggled from the Bandit Camp by trading Notterazzo. The full set of sirenic armour requires 84 scales and 6 algarum thread.

Sirenic scales can also be used to recharge dyed sirenic armour.


Item Crafting Scales Threads XP Scale cost
(Total cost)
GE price Profit
Sirenic maskSirenic mask91141500 5,678,848
6,327,824 182,798
Sirenic chapsSirenic chaps922821,000 11,357,696
12,535,618 245,566
Sirenic hauberkSirenic hauberk934231,500 17,036,544
18,673,429 238,351
Full set 8463,000 34,073,088 coins
36,870,156 coins
37,536,871 coins 666,715 coins

Drop sourcesEdit

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Source Combat level Quantity Rarity
Aquanite951Very rare
Aquanite (elite)1041Very rare
Beastmaster Durzag20002–4Uncommon
Cadarn ranger1221Rare
Dark beast1051Rare
Dark beast (elite)1141Rare
Legio Primus3041Uncommon
Legio Quartus3041Uncommon
Legio Quintus3041Uncommon
Legio Secundus3041Uncommon
Legio Sextus3041Uncommon
Legio Tertius3041Uncommon
Memory of NomadN/A2–4Rare
Mutated jadinko baby931Very rare
Nex: Angel of Death70001–2Common
Nex: Angel of Death70001Uncommon
Raptor keyN/A6Common
Rorarius841Very rare
Spiritual mage 49; 981Very rare


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