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Sirenic armour set equipped

Sirenic armour is tier 90 ranged power armour made from sirenic scales, which are drops from various high-level monsters, requiring level 90 Defence to wear. These scales, along with algarum thread bought from one of three places, (Ocellus, Bandit Duty Free, Grand Exchange) are used to create the sirenic armour, requiring level 91 to 93 Crafting for each piece. It is the ranged equivalent to malevolent and tectonic armour.

Sirenic armour degrades for 100,000 charges of combat before falling apart and vanishing completely ('degrades to dust'). It cannot be repaired normally, but two partially used parts (of the same type) can be combined to consolidate the charges - e.g. using a 90% charged mask on a 2% charged mask will result in a 92% charged mask. The armour is tradeable until it is first worn - a warning message is given when attempting to first wear a tradeable part - and partially worn parts are not tradeable.

Retrieving unprotected parts from a gravestone will cause the part to lose 10% of its charges. Dying in dangerous PvP will drop a fraction of the sirenic scales used to create the part, based on how degraded it was, rounded down - e.g. a mask with 52% charges remaining will drop 7 sirenic scales.

The armour set may be paired with ascension grips, which are level 90 ranged power gloves, or with flarefrost boots, which are level 90 ranged power boots.

According to the examine text on the sirenic scales, the scales are part of a cloth created by Remora, a siren featured in the quest Song from the Depths.

Creation and priceEdit

Item Crafting Sirenic scales Algarum thread Material price GE Price
Sirenic mask Sirenic mask 91 500 Sirenic scale 14 Algarum thread 1 6,313,710 6,528,490
Sirenic hauberk Sirenic hauberk 93 1,500 Sirenic scale 42 Algarum thread 3 18,941,130 19,431,245
Sirenic chaps Sirenic chaps 92 1,000 Sirenic scale 28 Algarum thread 2 12,627,420 13,269,589
Totals 3,000 Sirenic scale 84 Algarum thread 6 37,882,260 39,229,324


Mainhand infoOff-hand info Attributes Strength bonus
Style Dmg Acc Style Dmg Acc Defence Constitution Prayer Attack-icon Ranged-icon Magic-icon
Sirenic maskSirenic mask - - - - - - 435 0 2 - 23 -
Sirenic hauberkSirenic hauberk - - - - - - 500 0 3 - 34 -
Sirenic chapsSirenic chaps - - - - - - 479 0 2 - 29 -
Totals - - - - - - 1414 0 7 - 86 -


Using dyes from Treasure Trails, sirenic armour can be recoloured.

Dyed sirenic armour also has 100,000 charges of combat, but degrades to a broken state instead. It can be repaired using sirenic scales.

Part Creation cost (GE) Repair Repair value
Barrows Shadow Third-Age Blood
Sirenic mask (dyed) 300,811,230 1,040,946,005 2,154,012,137 2,132,289,488 Sirenic scale 15 6,228,975
Sirenic hauberk (dyed) 313,713,985 1,053,848,760 2,166,914,892 2,145,192,243 Sirenic scale 50 20,763,250
Sirenic chaps (dyed) 307,552,329 1,047,687,104 2,160,753,236 2,139,030,587 Sirenic scale 34 14,119,010
Totals 922,077,544 3,142,481,869 6,481,680,265 6,416,512,318 Sirenic scale 99 41,111,235


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