This article is about the oil can used in Unstable Foundations. For the oil can used in Ernest the Chicken, see Oil can.
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Sir Vant's oil can was removed from RuneScape after an update, but still exists in-game for those who had obtained it.
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Sir Vant's oil can detail

Sir Vant's oil can was an item used in the tutorial quest Unstable Foundations. It was used on a rag to make an Oily rag. It was found in Sir Vant's bag along with a rag, two tinderboxes, and two fuses. After you used the oil can on the 2 rags and lit them, Sir Vant would then request that he has them back, along with the Tinderbox you found in his bag, and the Bronze platebody, Bronze sq shield and Bronze longsword that you obtained earlier from his apprentice adventurer who perished from the intensity of the dragon flames.

After the tutorial is complete, it is not possible to obtain this item again by any means, as Sir Vant becomes inaccessible. For users who were halfway through the Unstable Foundations tutorial when the tutorial was updated, it is still possible to have the oil can in their inventory. If you drop it, it will disappear.